Wednesday , January 27 2021

Revealed! The Dark Juntu Megalodon Sukabumi hunting site used to be the sea


Professor Mega Fatima Rosana, professor of geological exploration at the Faculty of Geological Engineering at Pajadjaran University, has finally discovered the existence of ancient shark or megalodon fossils in Gunungsunging Village, Surad District, Sukabumi Regency.

The woman, who is also head of the Unpad Geopark and the Geological Disaster Research Center, said the ocean was where many of these fossils were discovered millions of years ago.

“From a geological point of view, fossils have been found in the southern part of Surada – Ujunggenteng. Geologically speaking, we say it is limestone or limestone, so it is part of the Cibodas Formation and the Bentang Formation. yes, – said Mega Detikkom by phone, Thursday (01/14/2021).

“The geological equivalent ranges from 22 to about 5 million years. At that time there was a sea or a pool. There was sediment in the sea cliffs, and yes, sharks lived at the time, which means this area was once an ocean, ”he continued. – emphasized prof. Mega.

More in-depth study of the types of fossils, age and range of years is needed, he said. But more details about him can be found in the field of paleontology, which studies the history of life on Earth, as well as ancient plants and animals based on fossils found in rocks.

“When it was deposited in that period, it is only (a matter of) details of what period of time, for example, a shorter age, there should be a more detailed study of the fossils in the sea. Besides shark teeth, small and small microorganisms should be checked. More specifically, so he knows how old he is and at what level, ”Mega explained.

As for the Megalodon tooth fossil found in the Gungungsungging Mega Village metropolis, it also confirmed that the fossil was genuine and from prehistoric times.

Some paleontologists have said that it is indeed a shark tooth fossil, and it was also found in Pangandaran. In the area I forgot, so geologically they found a fossil in Pangandaran, the rock formations in Bentang were the same. there used to be underwater fire, ”he said.

The results are also very reasonable because the area is part of the Ciletuh Palabuhanratu Geopark, according to Professor Megi. “This area is part of the Geopark, yes, the fossil is one of the parts that make up the Geopark’s geo-heritage,” he concluded.

Watch the video “Hunting for the teeth of the ancient shark Megalodon in Sukabumi”:

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