Sunday , January 24 2021

PKPI attitude to Vicky Prasete Gerebek Angel Lelga – VIVA

VIVA – The general secretary of the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party, Verri Surya Hendravan, responded to the raid of his candidate for deputies from the party Vika Praset against his wife, Angel Lelgi, along with other men. He handed Vicky to resolve the issue.

“The present Vicky Praseth is our staff, the PCPI staff, who, as it turned out, are moving forward, because candidates in 2019 at the DPRD level in West Java include the city Bekasi and Depok,” Verry said when he contacted November 2018

According to him, the case is private property. Therefore, the party will not interfere or intervene.

“Vika Praseetu’s face remains everything to complete in accordance with the correct methods in accordance with the legal corridor. We will focus on the party in the legislative elections and the presidential elections in 2019, ”Verry said.

In the past, the households of Vika Praset and Angela Lelgi were excited. At the height of the divorce that was being waged, the Angel was said to be deceiving the man in his home room.

The incident occurred at the beginning of Monday, November 19, 2018, at the Angel’s residence in Jagakarsh, South Jakarta. Based on the videos, Vicki brought several witnesses to Angel's house. (ASE)

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