Tuesday , January 19 2021

No SMS response regarding corona vaccination and TNI-Polri Armed Forces visit


Corona vaccinated in Indonesia. President Joko Widodo (Jokovi) was the first person to be vaccinated. The community will later receive a corona vaccination.

The head of the data and information center of the Ministry of Health Anas Maruf said that his party had already passed. database related to the purpose of vaccination. At the first stage, data on incoming health workers is already available. database

Database related to the purpose of vaccination, database In the first phase, the health workforce is the source of the Ministry of Health, then for the rest of the sources are BPJS for labor, BPJS for health, then BUMN, relevant ministries / institutions, and then they were pooled and compared in the Ministry of the Interior based on population data. and then also merged. match it to the provider that owns the mobile phone number, ”Anas said in an online discussion on Wednesday (01/13/2021).

Those who are vaccinated will receive an SMS. explosion… SMS will be sent by the Ministry of Communications and Information or provider

“This is a system created for vaccination. database which already exists, then number two is SMS broadcast, SMS explosion to all vaccine candidates, ”he said.

After receiving an SMS message, the goal of vaccination is offered to register on the website pedulilindung.id or * 119 #. If you do not register, TNI-Polri and the medical staff will visit the owner of the mobile phone.

“For those who are not responding or who have no conditions, there will be officers who visit, among others, with TNI-Polri Babinsa and Babinkamtibmas, and then the medical workers,” he said.

“If you have registered, the results in the table will be entered into a table in the application system, the results of the tables will be sent to medical institutions through the BPJS P-Care application,” he continued.

Later, the application will save the target data with the name, address, location of medical facilities and the time of vaccination.

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