Tuesday , January 19 2021

Company and consumer concerns about online data protection

Warta Ekonomi.co.id, Jakarta

Independent study conducted by Kapersky Lab with data analysis Applied marketing research a survey of 600 medium-sized companies with IT security professionals and 6000 consumers who have security software installed on their devices evenly distributed throughout France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. From the research that was done, the first device as the least desirable side is the presence of cybercriminals with 45% of the companies' respondents and 47% of the consumer respondents.

They are concerned about how to protect data. online they are from evil attacks. This rating is followed by the desire to protect their government (36% and 33%, respectively), as well as state and foreign companies (30% and 26%). As many as one in three (29%) respondents are concerned that their employees can access data online about a quarter (26%) of consumers worry about family members who can follow the path online they are.

Vice President of Public Relations in the Laboratory of them. Kapersky Anton Shingarev said that the results of this study were truly extraordinary. They provide additional evidence that technology and software BLACKBOX for many companies.

“They don’t know how it works, what is inside, what data is collected or how data is stored as an industry,” said Anton, quoting the press release of Kapersky Labs in Jakarta on Wednesday (11/21/2018).

Meanwhile, this study found that privacy seems to be considered fundamental to everyone: 46% of enterprises and 51% of consumers believe that security service providers should not automatically share personal data of users with the government for national security agencies, this should also be due circumstances.

In addition, 55% of enterprises and 66% of consumers say that their government should do business with a company offering high-quality products or services, and a company is a foreign company. Interestingly, this value negates 82% and $ 78, respectively, when it comes to important issues of national security.

Responding to the results, Milton Muller, a professor at the Department of Public Policy Technology, Internet Governance Project, said that the study discussed the relationship between nationalism of national security and the trust of Internet providers. There are surprising conclusions regarding the attitude of consumers and companies to the role of government in cybersecurity.

“For example, it is interesting to see that many consumers believe that their government should use the best suppliers related to national security, no matter where the country of origin is, on the other hand, fear of the government itself, and not the governments of other countries,” said Milton Muller.

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