Thursday , January 28 2021

PS5 release date and big PSVR 2 news, overturned Sony E3 2019

Red tips served with salt pinches. Sorry, we said that the clothespins? We meant salt jugs. However, when one of them turns out to be true, we can begin to revise some other tips with less cynical eyes.

Last week, Redditor RuthenicCookie predicted that Sony would skip E3 2019 before the official announcement from the company. Elsewhere on this topic, he also claimed that he has additional information about when the PlayStation 5 and the second-generation PlayStation VR will be released.

RuthenicCookie believes that the PS5 will initially be shown at a small event in mid-2019 and a big one at the PlayStation Experience event later in 2019.

The poster also states that Sony indicated the release date in March or November 2020. The latter will be seven years after the release of the PS4. They also stick to the idea of ​​a release date in March 2020, nine months ago.

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Redditor says that one of the main reasons Sony decided to skip the E3 next year is because it was so hard in 2018 and is now “preparing” for the PS5. In addition, they would prefer to demonstrate new things on the returning events of the PlayStation Experience, which will not take place this year.

RuthenicCookie calls the PS5 a “monster” with 4K games with a stable 60fps. The poster says it runs on Ryzen quad-core processors and will cost about $ 500. They also say that most developers already have kits for developers.

In the stream, the poster says the updated PlayStation VR hardware (PSVR) will join PS5. The most interesting thing is that Redditor says that there will be no switch box, which means that the headset will be able to directly connect to the console itself. He says there will be a built-in camera, new PS Move controllers and an increased ability to use gloves for use in VR experiments. ,

Of course, none of this data is confirmed anywhere anywhere, and Redditor himself says that plans can change anyway. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the poster was for money with the E3 news, therefore, obviously, there is a source in their provision of at least some accurate information.

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