Monday , January 25 2021

In the version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be displayed 5.8-inch "flat" display: report

Over the past few months, there have been a lot of leaks and reflections on the upcoming line of galaxies S10 from Samsung flagship smartphones. And although the company has not yet given even weak hints about its upcoming devices, the hearing aid continues to be valid. Now, another information has appeared on the Internet, providing some details about the screen sizes of the three options for the Galaxy S10, which are expected to be expected next year.

According to the report of the South Korean publication ET newsThe “standard” version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a 5.8-inch flat-panel display. The premium version will also have a 5.8-inch panel, but it will be curved (for example, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 screens). Finally, the report describes the third version, which will be equipped with a 6.2-inch curved panel (similar to the Galaxy S8 + and Galaxy S9 + screens).

Although it may not seem very interesting, the display technology, which chaebol reportedly develops, is more interesting. In accordance with ET news report, Samsung intends to use a new generation of OLED-panels for its future flagship smartphones. Known only as “M9”, these panels are said to use new forms of organic materials.

It is worth noting that the flagship of the current generation of Samsung – Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 + and Galaxy Note 9 – all use OLED panels M8 OLED, and they are already one of the best displays of smartphones available on the market today.

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It is possible that the new “M9” panels will be used in the upcoming Samsung folding smartphone, a preview of which was already shown by the company earlier this month at the developer conference. All of the above, the upcoming Galaxy S10 series of smartphones is shaped to be quite exciting and functional.

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