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Coffey Karan 6 Episode 5 Highlights: Observe extraordinary chemistry between Saif and Sarah Ali Khan

Coffey Karan 6 Episode 5 Highlights: Observe extraordinary chemistry between Saif and Sarah Ali Khan

The hottest duo of the father and the daughter of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan made episode 5 of Coffey with Karan 6 really interesting. The most controversial show of Karan Johar Koffee With Karan led the young actress on television for the first time. Sarah, who is all set to celebrate her Bollywood debut with Kedarnath, was seen sitting next to her father on the Coffey-couch. Saif Ali Khan has already proven his role in many films and the rules of millions of heart beats. But when the duet got together for a famous coffee pot, it was just a fun trip.

Catch the FEATURES of the show here:

10:00 pm: The father-daughter duo coped well with this in the last segment, which is Play In A Circle. Sarah wins all grades to guess the right answers and calls her father noncompetitive.

21:57: Sarah Ali Khan won the hurdle!

21:50: The Rapid Fire of Sara debut has begun! Sarah will drop everything to work with Varun Dahan. “I am a prince, not an invader” – this is Taimur's online biography. Ranveer is a volcano, Ranbir is a lion, says Sarah. New actress wants to meet with Karthik Aryan. Ranveer Singh is a beloved father and daughter for receiving more money than Sushant Singh Rajput.

09:45 hours: Saif would like to debut with Aliya Bhatt, if given the chance. Answering diplomatically, Saif says that Aliya is a better actor than Deepika. But Deepika is the hottest actress in the industry.

09:43 o'clock: Karan begins with senior actor Saif Ali Khan.

09:42 pm: rapid fire begins!

09:35: Sarah Ali Khan in the most invisible video! Karan showed an age-old video, where 96 kilos Sarah plays a weeping scene and dances in another video. Papa Saif is undoubtedly embarrassed by what her daughter does in the video, and later evaluates her confidence that there are not so many large women who feel confident in their own skin. Giving a friendly push to her daughter Sarah, Saif brightens the mood.

21:28: According to Karan, Taimur is ranked first in the ranking. It seems that Sarah does not know anything about such a map, where Karan says that every person has a price, and Sarah is also on the list.

21:25: Taimur – the star of the Internet. All the famous personstalk cameras about the star guy praise him at the core. Saif and Sarah are watching the pictures explaining that Taimur has now become a camera!

09:23 hours: Saif's husband is the first folder of Karina's wife, who always gets her fashionable game even during the time she starts playing sports.

21:20: Saif Ali Khan pushes his happiness away from learning something new and never worries about the Box Office collections as an actor. Sarah said a few kind and special words for her father in his defense.

09:15 hours: Speaking about Sarah's boyfriend, the girl said that she had one boyfriend who lived in the same apartment as Karan. Sarah also said in her opinion that her mother Amrita must have been a wild partner with her father.

9pm: Karan starts the show presenting Bollywood’s hottest father and daughter, Saifa and Sarah. In an ongoing frantic conversation with her host, Sarah says that since she is the daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amritha Singh, she is certainly strange because her parents are strange. Sarah, who is about to make her debut in Hindi films, has not yet gone shopping with Karina, but she thinks it would be fun to go out with her.

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