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Tarlos: Budapest is an agreement signed with Orban, about 1000 billion forints

The Budapest-Victor Orban agreement on 15-point cooperation between the capital and the government, which includes the creation of the Budapest Municipal Development Council (FKT), is about 1000 billion HUF, the mayor of Budapest, Istvan Tarlos, said after the press conference after the creation of the corporation. According to Tarlos, from now on Budapest development projects will be a joint achievement, and it will not be the main thing that our state and our capital results, the conditions for financing projects will be safer.

He said that on Saturday they adopted the FKT rules of procedure and a list of projects, the final order of preference is determined later.

Tarlos said that in practice he managed almost 108-110 billion dollars in the city. The government has decided on an additional 80 billion forints to support the reconstruction of Metro 3, which is expected to be used in 2020-2021. According to the agreement, the government has pledged to change the grant agreement to 137.5 billion forints by 80 billion forints by December 15.

The mayor said that the initial grant agreement was concluded for 2.5 years, price estimates at the time, price changes in the construction industry and only 172 billion Euros of eligible costs for the EU, as well as some of them unimaginable costs, the need of which is not disputed by the EU, but which do not fit into this category. He also said that elements of the reconstruction are being introduced during the reconstruction of metro line 3, which will “complement the system”, for example, the restoration of pedestrian crossings.

Istvan Tarlos noted that the conditioning of repaired carts cannot be technically feasible, as they are so large that they cannot place such equipment on the roof, because they cannot access the tunnel, but some air conditioners will be provided by BKV.

He also said that the expansion of the 3 subway to the cabbage mixture is considered more advanced than the 4th subway. On the reconstruction of Metro Line 3, the Mayor also announced that a 2-3-month slippage in the northern section is expected and will be taken in March. The reconstruction will continue the reconstruction of the southern section.

Describing the details of the agreement signed with the head of government, he said that the 10-year development plan for Budapest was prepared by the government and the capital, starting with the previous concept of Budapest in 2030. As for the project, the FKT has veto power. The preparation of the plan will precede the process of dialogue with the participation of professional and civil organizations and the inclusion of their proposals in the plan, ”said Istvan Tarlos.

On May 17, 2018, a press conference of the Budapest Opera Theater, Mayor of Budapest István Tarlos and Minister of the Prime Minister Gergeli Gulas will take place in the City Hall. On this day, the City Council for Community Development was created, which strengthens the role of the mayor and the municipality of Budapest in decisions concerning events in Budapest.Photo: Mónus Márton / MTI / MTVA

He said that he would be a regular participant in government sessions when discussing a case in Budapest, which would make the communication channel more stable between the head of government and the mayor, and in the agreement the government guarantees different ways to preserve and maintain the independence of the capital and the mayor. as the election of the mayor remains direct.

He also said that, in accordance with the agreement, he would consider the status of flood control facilities in Budapest and the possibility of updating them. The government is looking for resources with a capital. The role of Budapest as a defensive city is considered, since more than 80 river kilometers are located in the river part of the capital, says Tarlos.

The agreement states that the bill on the transfer and shipment of waste from Budapest is carried out by the National Waste Management and Asset Management Zrt. On a monthly basis, as a result of the previous efficiency of the FKF collection (as part of a centralized collection), therefore, the garbage in the capital will not go unpunished. ”

According to another clause of the agreement, the government supports the exclusive acquisition of capital of minority shareholders of Metropolitan Sewer Works, including management rights, ”said Istvan Tarlos, who said the government and the capital agree that if the EU does not support the water pipe exchange program, Local The local government can use 27.8 billion forints for a project of the Budapest water project, in consultation with the ministry, for other purposes. The structure of incomes and the rules of resource allocation in the capital budget will also be revised.

Istvan Tarlos also stressed that the capital will consider its exclusive portfolio of companies, simplify it and, as part of this, remove the public procurement company. and it is expected that today it will be in the form of BKK.

The Secretary of State of Budapest and the Secretary of State of the Budapest agglomeration Balash Furges said about the functioning of the council: decisions should be taken unanimously on the board of directors, the government and the capital should have 1 vote if both parties do not agree, neither the government nor the municipal assembly can negotiate. He said that on Saturday a full modernization of the HÉV lines was discussed in the Council, the government provided almost 11 billion in preparation. First of all, there will be an exchange on the line of Sendra.

István Tarlos answered the questions: FCT will be a member of the capital Alexandra Salai-Bobrovnitskaya and deputy mayor Gabor Bagdi, Jozsef Tot XIII. Rayon Mendus and Reese Levente XVII. City Hall District Faydes. (Rizt will replace Zsolt Wintermantel for a certain period of time due to his illness as mayor of Fidesz Zsolt Wintermantel).

Upon the resumption of the Chain Bridge, Tarlos said that it was also decided that during the reconstruction not only the originally planned, but also the section of the Section and several floods on the streets would be repaired during the project.

István Tarlos, on the issue of cultural Tao, said that a conciliation procedure was under way with the government, and that he did not rely on Tao money, which should be distributed between theaters in Budapest.

According to the opposition, Budapest was placed in custody.

According to MSZP, Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Budapest Mayor Tarlos, Mayor of Budapest, signed a letter of intent. Csaba Horváth, an MSZP representative in Budapest, said: "The letter of intent is worth nothing, like the document on which it was printed." According to him, Istvan Tarlos can continue his work as a “puppet mayor”, because he recognizes the issue, he also supports Fides, in accordance with the agreement in force. According to Ksaba Horvat, Budapest would need a truly authentic cooperation agreement that could guarantee that the daily average tax payment in Budapest in the amount of 20 billion HUF will be used in proper proportion to finance public services in the capital. According to him, MSZP will do everything possible to establish a law regulating relations between the government and the city administration.

Mary Szucs Somlyó, director of communications for the capital, responded with a release: “Chesaba Horvath, as usual, no longer understood anything on behalf of Mayor Tarlos Istvan. Anyone at the press conference could have heard that the mayor said that he would do this work until the agreement was respected. ”

According to the LMP, the cooperation agreement signed by Orban and Tarlos was finally in custody with Budapest. Joseph Gal, the PLM representative in Budapest, said: “With the creation of the Council of Public Development, the ability to decide on the city in which they want to live was removed from the Budapest metropolitan assembly and the inhabitants of Budapest. According to the LMP policy, such a body could be a good solution in previous centuries, but nowadays Orban and Tarlos would be better to ask people about the directions of development. “We are back to communism,” he said. (MTI)


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