Friday , January 22 2021

J hr for autsok: there are other refineries

Time J is useless for the oil market. In the past few weeks there has been a long fall, and if you could think about indicators of the stock market, then you could continue downhill. Oil deposits can reduce the number of leaks from petrol stations, which may be unsuitable for cars.

Fatih Birol, Managing Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), leads the Norwegian Energy Conference, saying:

There has never been any uncertainty in the oil market regarding geopolitical instability and simple world-class caps.

In this article, AReuters stresses that in recent weeks, the rise in oil prices in recent weeks has been balanced, and aspirations have disappeared.
The largest export companies in the world are concerned that processes such as the oil market may be similar to those in the crude oil market in 2014. The Organization for the Export of Locks (OPEC) on December 6 said that the United States will ultimately reduce its yield by 1-1.4 billion barrels per day.

Forrs: AFP / Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Brent oil ranges from a big quarter to $ 20 – $ 86 to $ 60 – it has decreased in the past.

Brent chart, six-digit note, January slateForrs:

And if it is analyzed by the WTI schedule, it was a recent fall. The rhythm quickly changed 60, then 55 dollars.

St, a crown shape appeared on the graph, which will continue.
Ms krds to make a small screen in rpm as soon as the WTI has gone down. This is due to the fact that yesterday's trading at $ 55 rose to the markers.

WTI chart, six-digit note, January slate.Forrs:

If the trends on the chart are based on oil, it will be beneficial for autsok, since it will continue to flow at the gas station. However, in the gasoline and gasoline markets, the air demand relationship was soon transformed, and the owners of gasoline engines would be more powerful than dump trucks.

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