Sunday , January 17 2021

Index – Culture – Andrea Fullytar also resigns from SZFE

Andrea Fullitar is also expanding the list of resigned faculty members from the University of Theater and Film, where, although the physical blockade was lifted by the coronavirus epidemic, student protests have not stopped since September.

Színház Online shared the lines of SZFE’s head teacher, theater artist Katon Jozsef, who also submitted his resignation a day after Janos Szasz.

I only stayed for class. I tried to protest against the illegal process by all legal means. I still stick with it. The current leadership is only now talking behind closed doors, and this is also clear from what they are preparing. My class in six months is beyond doubt. I documented everything. I’ll take the documents to court tomorrow! But I can no longer participate in this system as a class teacher. I’m leaving SZFE today!

Thus, in the third year, Andrea Fullitara will not be head of the department yet, since Gabor Zhambeki, who was a teacher in the same class with his students, announced his retirement in the summer of 2020 after 41 years of teaching.

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