Saturday , January 23 2021

Here is the IKEA ad: huge changes are expected around department stores

The Ingka Group (Ingka Holding B.V. and its joint ventures) accelerates the transformation process by increasing its investment in new and existing IKEA stores and service centers. He also appears in urban centers and pays more attention to his online trading platform for better customer satisfaction.

Based on years of steady growth, the Ingka group, in the context of its transformation, evaluates and simplifies all its departments in order to focus more on valuable services for customers. Creating 30 new IKEA contact points, investing in server networks and digital solutions will create 11,500 new jobs over the next two years. At the same time, 7,500 of the 160,000 posts will be lost, which will primarily affect global functions and reserve offices in thirty countries.

Jesper Brod, CEO of the Ingka Group, said: “We continue to grow, and our work is strong. At the same time, we see that the commercial environment is constantly changing and changing. We are adapting our business to quickly adapt to our customers in order to constantly change according to new needs. We will pay more attention to make our existing stores even more attractive for shopping and take the opportunity to update our company in a way that fits our history, culture and values. Our corporate values ​​drive our work and build our open, honest and open culture. We will continue to support our colleagues in the best possible way during a change. ”

The transformation process involves testing a new approach in the city center in thirty cities, complementing the company's larger stores and choosing digital services to provide consumers with a wide range of options that fit their needs and lifestyle.

Commercial Director of Ingka Group Tolga Onsu added: “In the next three years we will be able to easily and comfortably contact our customers with new types of stores, cities and the best digital offers. This means that with our customers we can contact you, whenever and wherever you want, our range of products and services in different ways and at an affordable price. To do this, we will redesign our management, organization and working methods, as well as develop new solutions to retain more talent within the company. We will support them in close cooperation with all our employees during the change. ”

Accessibility, convenience

In accordance with the business change directions established by the Ingka group, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia will pay much more attention to comfort and accessibility, multi-channel trade and sustainability.

For example, in Prague, for example, small IKEA retail stores are being tested, as well as counseling points, where, for example, specialists can be contacted for help in planning a kitchen. In addition, in Hungary, of course, there are events such as the expansion of the Örs vezér square store. But the online space is also being tested in a program where the IKEA virtual employee helps customers find and buy.

We see in three countries that people use and combine different modes, including online purchases and in-store purchases. That is why we would like to offer them the best service for each channel. We would like to invest in the development of our existing 9 stores in the region and the opening of new IKEA meeting points, the launch of new services and the expansion of existing ones, digital solutions and increased sustainability

– said Munija El Hilali, commercial manager for Hungary – Czech Republic – Slovakia.


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