Monday , January 18 2021

Fidesz party foundation bought an office in Brussels for 800 million

The Fidesz party fund’s real estate portfolio was expanded to include an entire floor of a patinated 100-year-old home in Brussels in September, HVG reported. The real estate purchased for office is located in one of the busiest areas of the Belgian capital, Schumann Square, also called the main square of the Union.

The Alliance for Civil Hungary Foundation received a total of 506 square meters of office space overlooking the central building of the European Commission, Berlemont, for 2.274 million euros, or more than 800 million forints.

HVG writes that the property was bought not by the fund, but by the Belgian company that owned it.

The newspaper notes that the Fidesz party foundation has been preparing to go abroad for years: they want to open offices in major European capitals to compensate for what they perceive as often one-sided and unbalanced news from abroad and present “the real Hungary.”

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