Thursday , January 21 2021

Congratulations to Kokhas with a victory. | Dunaújváros Online

After hitting a home with eight goals a week ago, at 12 o'clock in the morning in the house of the Spanish Supergamer Bera Bera, the team of the Kohas Handball Academy in Dunauvaros entered the third qualifying round of the EHF Cup. The situation of our people was not easy, as Cluaber Catherine, who was injured in the battle against Siofok, could not stay with the team in Spain, but the head coach Laszlo Gyord also hoped to defeat his opponents in the second match of the match.
From the outset, there was no more serious complaint, because he tried his best to keep his confrontation with Claudius, who managed to achieve his goal from the goal, and he was to blame for Conker’s punishment. However, later we made three technical mistakes one after the other, and this was done by two quick goals from Beer Beer (2: 1). Our longer goal was broken by Shekerzes in the 9th minute, and then after the defense of Tomasevich, Syrian could double in a short time, so in the 14th minute we had two more in our team (2-4).

This time Kohash's defense worked well!

In addition to the extremely cruel defenders, the Spaniards found it difficult to enter. In addition, the home team found a gap on the wall of Dunaujvaros, so the score of the 20th minute showed the score again (6-6). This was complicated by the situation of our people, that in the series of three exhibitions one had to follow, and then a double flaw, so the hosts unfortunately were in the lead, and although the Spanish champion could not continue training, the enemy could resign in the last seconds of the fighter Dunaújváros Has 11-10 advantages before the break.

After the defender, the Spaniards were somewhat sharper, and the two defeated attacks of Koch were punished, and after three were three of our people (13-10). However, the students of Laszlo Gjörgi did not collapse, Kazay and Grosz made a big step, and with a new kick from Kazay in the 39th minute, they also beat their rival (14-14). From this point on, the owner received a double advantage, but after 16-14 Sirius Grosh and Salai returned home without an answer, so in the 43rd minute our people were closer to victory (16-17).

Having conquered Luka (with the ball), he took eight goals from victory! (Images: DO-archive)

Kochas, who was used by three balls, but Salai and Ferenczi were able to shoot at the best time, so the last ten minutes were cut off from the sides (19-19). György Laszlo sent Orsi to Monori, who returned after eight months, but this time he was not the one, but two scouts from two bombers seized the team, so in the 57th minute DKKA again approached success (20-22). However, a week in six games was a blow to our teammates, and the hosts scored two empty goals on goal, but there was no response to the eighth goal of the WSOP, so DKKA eventually won the victory, but the Spanish champions continued to qualify for the third qualifying EHF Cup Round (22-23).

Super Amara Bera Bera – DKKA 22-23 (11-10)

DKKA: Tomasevics – Kazai 3, Ferenczy 2, Cifra, Nick, Training 8, Grosch 2. exchange: Csapó (goalkeeper), Szalai 3, Sirián 5, Bouti, Dombi, Molnár, Monori. Main coach: László György.

Next: Super Amara Bera Bera, a total of 48-41.

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