Monday , January 25 2021

A woman in Budapest was shot dead in an open street to find out

A woman in Budapest was shot dead in an open street to find out

A woman was shot dead in an open street in Budapest in III. District: He died instantly. The police also captured the suspect, the man. The police did not clarify the motives. And you can't even know if the shooter’s permission was for the criminal.

Section III. in the quiet, family-run district of Bekasmeyer, even at dawn. On the open street shots flickered. He then informed the police.

"On November 21, early in the morning, the BRFC received a notification that he heard shooting on the Street of Flowers in Obud, and a woman was lying on the road", – said Csoma Csécsi, representative of BRFK.

The area was closed on all sides by the police. Only street people were allowed to pass through the cordon. Emergency nurses could no longer help a woman on the street.

“We were warned about the strike, my comrades on the spot found a middle-aged woman who was seriously injured after losing her life on the spot” – said the National Ambulance Service.

The 56-year-old woman was the victim who was going to lie where you now see the tent. The reason he was supposed to die was not a representative of the BRFC, although the investigators seized the alleged offender within two hours. Not directly in the house, but on several streets, in the car. The person is a suspect.

At the moment, the police did not report whether he has a weapon permit for a person or a professional member of a law enforcement agency.

Residents, if anything, consider this part of Buda a good home. On the street there are several renovated buildings, like old ones. So far, the mysterious murder is being investigated by the headquarters in Budapest.

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