Saturday , January 23 2021

15 milliseconds forced one of your cell phones to fool you

Sifoki-Jrsey Congress deserves Sifoki Jr., who is the cause of zealous, conditionally forgiven cheats and criminal acts, which led to the lawyer being deprived of a large mobile phone for mobile phones that they sold.

He did not have a job anywhere in the country, but he also visited Sifok.

With fake recordings, they gave out their names to these people who demanded more, big mobile phones.

illusztrciForrs: AFP

Cold twenty-one times he was involved in partners trsasg rtkestsi,

which led to the fact that the mobile phone service amounted to 15 billion dollars.

Frett is captured and depressed. come to Sifoki Jr., where he has a lot of badges, fuss and fuss, and he was banned.

but it is also illegal to punish those who were injured, as well as to harm the damage caused to the service.

Arrl also had a chance to stay until the end of the day until the end of the day. Against the fight, he was shocked, and he complained.

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