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Lee Minge's wife Li Jingyu went to Hunan to listen to Free Asia radio station (RFA) on Monday

On Monday, Lee Minzhe's wife, Li Jingyu, went to Hunan to listen to Cantonese Radio Free Asia (RFA).

Lee Mingjie, a member of a Taiwanese non-governmental organization and former party worker of the Democratic Progressive Party, was accused of undermining state power by the mainland. It is expected that on Tuesday (the 28th) a verdict will be rendered. Member of the rescue group Li Mingjie and Secretary General of the Taiwan Association for the Protection of Human Rights Qiu Yizhen on Sunday (26) said that Li Mingze’s wife, Li Jingyu, will fly to Yueyang City, Hunan Province, on the afternoon of the 27th. Due to a late notice, Li Mingjie saved due to visa problems. The brigade could not escort, and Li Jingyu was accompanied by former lawmaker Wang Liping. Qiu Yizhen pointed out that Li Jingyu firmly believed that what Li Mingjie did was not guilty, he criticized China for saying that it is a country ruled by laws, but that Li Mingze’s case of arrest, trial before sentencing does not comply with the rule of law and calls on the authorities of the mainland to release Li Mingjie as soon as possible. The Mainland Affairs Council said Sunday afternoon that only Li Li Jingyu’s wife had expressed willingness to go to the mainland, and the Maritime Fund would send two high-level commissioners to the mainland. On the 25th, Qiu Chengcheng, Vice-President of the Mainland Affairs Council, called on the mainland to “take reasonable measures in accordance with human rights values ​​and human rights trends and respond properly to the concerns and expectations of the Li Mingze family and various sectors in Taiwan”. A spokesman, Ma Xiaoguang, said: "Any attempt to use the case for political operations, influence or slander on the mainland for the consideration of cases in accordance with the law and attacks on the political and legal systems of the mainland is useless." Li Minjie was restricted in his personal freedom after entering the mainland on March 19 of this year. He was in charge of more than 250 days. On September 11, Li Mingjie appeared before a court in Yueyang Intermediate People’s Court in Hunan Province. He pleaded guilty in court.

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