Wednesday , January 27 2021

[Волна социальной иммиграции]Signal is unlikely to replace the founder of WhatsApp: users use both at the same time

  1. [Волна социальной миграции]Signal is expected to be difficult to replace WhatsApp founder: Users use both at the same time – Hong Kong Economic Times – Live News Channel – International Situation – Global Social HotspotHong Kong Economic Times-News
  2. [MeWe и Signal горячие]Whatsapp and Facebook insulted netizens and sparked a wave of social immigration! Countdown of the great network migration of those years: goodbye, ICQ, MSN, Xanga, IEYahoo Hong Kong News
  3. WhatsApp quickly published several newspapers to clarify that there is a “wave of immigrants” in the area.UNWIRE.HK
  4. [Безопасен ли Signal]Signal and Telegram collect less user data, and Wechat has 21 elements (comparison table attached) – Hong Kong Economic Times – Live News Channel – TechnologyHong Kong Economic Times-News
  5. The number of active Telegram users exceeds 500 million, and the number of new users increased by 25 million in 72 hoursHong Kong 01
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