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Six categories of pensioners will have to wait for an increase from January 2019 and the last “white smoke” from the EuroWorking Group for pensions.

In addition to the rescued retirees, who earn up to 18% from withdrawals, there are about 500,000 retirees who are expected to improve their income as recalculation and re-equipment of their pensions.

These are groups of pensioners whose pension is higher compared to the amount they receive today.

According to experts, the six categories of pensioners who receive a total of 550,000 pensions and have an advantage are as follows:

– IKA pensioners with average earnings and 20-30 years of insurance. These pensioners earn double: they are also promoted by the coefficient of pension contribution and accrued earnings, on the basis of which their pension was calculated, i.e. The basis for calculating a pension.

– Subdued former civil servants of legal entities under the special status of IKA, who received a pension with public servants. The key point is that they paid premiums related to higher retirement wages, based on their old-age pension, because they paid their contributions in full, and not just the basic salary from which they are fired.



– Pensioners of the former special funds DEKO-Banks (TAP-OTE, OAP-PPC, CIS-EIB, etc.)

– Standards OAEE-TSA, former motorists who retired from 35 years and more.

-Consignors who resigned with subsequent insurance and having heavy fines in the section on the participant. In accordance with the new provisions, the use of sequential insurance was canceled, and the time is calculated uniformly. Thus, pensions in this category can expect a significant increase.

– Standards that receive an early / reduced pension of up to 30%.

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