Tuesday , January 19 2021

Other Dutch tax authorities in Greece blocked investment in debt. 0.03 € ENFIA

He did not believe what the Dutch winemaker Lawrence Hartman had encountered when he discovered that he could not join the investment in Florin because of the incredible history of tax and bureaucratic madness that occurs only in Greece.

His tax office blocked the sale of land for the money he could take to expand the winery’s warehouses. The sale of land fell to Lawrence Hartman’s debt to the tax office, which reaches a surplus of three cents euro.

As expected, the investment brake led to the fury and explosion of the Dutch owner of the winery Karanika in Florin, who, with his post on Facebook, revealed an incredible story, and, of course, the Greek government was a liar.

“Some time ago we wanted to sell the land to invest in a warehouse for our business. These are investments that we make because we want to expand our winery, ”explains Mr. Hartman at Voria.gr.

“To sell the land, we had to have tax awareness. However, an official from Florina DUI told us that we are obliged, and therefore we cannot receive information, ”says Mr. Hartman.

According to the tax registrar, it was an ENFIA debt, but Lorenz Hartmann indicated that the company's obligations in respect of this tax were paid with a sum of 380 euros.

The surprise for the entrepreneur was unexpected in the detailed confirmation of the payment of debts due to regulation. The amount that prevented him from continuing his investments was three cents per euro.

“Welcome to Greece. I cannot exchange a piece of land because of my debts to the Greek state. Seriously? We pay tens of thousands of euros in taxes every year and prevent me from doing business for 3 minutes euros, ”he wrote in this post over a photo with a specific debt to the tax office.

Indeed, Mr. Hartmann completed the posting after first asking them to the tax office.

“Honestly, I do not know how this amount appeared. Maybe it's wrong, maybe it's an interest, I don't know. It is true that the process of buying land and building a warehouse will be postponed, ”said Mr. Hartman.

Recall that even in the past winemakers faced serious problems with the Greek tax system, which, according to him, can not get used, and he sold the winery in his winery, saying that he wants to leave Greece.

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