Monday , January 25 2021

Now wants peace and victory in Munich – News – News

The defeat of Panathinaikos for the A1 league is likely to cause further events in the red and white list. The question now is not whether Olympiakos will get a player, the question is who will be with the names that have already appeared. It is clear, therefore, that the harbor team will receive a player to strengthen its periphery.

Blatt believes that Olympiacos needs to be reinforced at the periphery by a player who will “tie” to other shorts. Currently, it is not easy to find the perfect solution, but the Pirates coach decides to make a quick decision. Blatt does not want to waste time and therefore wants to close the problem as soon as possible. Of course, it should be noted that the chat, which opened forever immediately after the end of the game in OAKA, should not affect the concentration of players of Olympiacos.

The Reds give out this week two very important games, starting with the away match with Bayern. Tomorrow's game is very important for the pirates, and in order for the psychology of the players Blatt needed to win. This is what red and white people know, and they have to “turn the knob”. The victory in Munich will be a very important step for the Piraeus team and a psychological “injection” in connection with a very big battle on Thursday against Real.

The most important thing for the Reds this time is a game with Bavaria, and they should draw their interest in them. The fight against Real is Thursday, and it will be a big mistake if Blatt and his players keep in mind the “queen”. They also should not think about the scripts of the script and about what they write about the changes and additions to the red-white list.

And since some people wanted to finish Olympiacos before November, it’s good to remember that cups are priced in May and June. The Olympiacos team (coach and players) needs support from the fans during the season, which is not easy. And undoubtedly, no Blatt was a bad coach after two defeats in the OAK, and his choice should not be “burned out”, because they did not leave the team in two games with Panathinaikos.

Olympiacos is a good team and during the season will see that it has the potential to achieve a lot. Red and white friends may feel bitter against two defeats in a match against Panathinaikos, but they should be on the side of their team. Sure, they will do it now. We repeat that it is now important to win in the fight against Bavaria. If Olympiacos wins in Munich, he will go with another “air” to a big fight with “Real”.

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