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Leading Mobile Sales Companies for 2018

Canalys analysts say that the smartphone market began to shrink, as the two largest "players", Apple and Samsung, lost a percentage last year.

an Apple managed to take 1st place in the 4th quarter of 2018 and generally 2nd place in 2018. However, its annual decline is 7%, while Samsung’s share also fell by 5%. On the other hand, Chinese brands are showing signs of growth.

The iPhone XR was Apple's top model with 22 million devices, while the premium XS models XS reached 14 million and were more popular than the smaller XS XS, which reached 9 million.

4th quarter of 2018 for mobile manufacturers

Disappointment sales in China are a blow to Apple, which has contributed to lower iPhone sales, up 15% from the same period last year. Unfortunately, several months ago, Apple decided to stop announcing the numbers, so all calculations are now made by analysts. In particular, Canalys, which provides these numbers, believes that Apple should offer a cheaper iPhone on the market, based on higher sales of the iPhone XR.

Concerning Samsungits sales fell by 23 million compared with 2017 and reached 294 million, which is lower than their 2018 target of 320 million. recently seen in the new Galaxy M series, sacrificing profit margins to regain lost ground.

In 2018 for mobile manufacturers

Huawei there was an impressive increase of 34.5% over the same period last year and even higher in the fourth quarter of 2018 (47.3%). He broke the record for market share in China and was able to sell more phones (40% of domestic sales versus 60% in the rest of the world).

Canalys notes that the company's image as a technology leader with multiple cameras and the use of artificial intelligence on mobile devices has improved the brand image. However, the trade war between the United States and China will be a challenge for 2019.

4th place in 2018 XiaomiPassing by Oppo, also records a noticeable increase in sales, up to 31.6%. Oppo in the fourth quarter there was a significant increase (20.6%), but in general in 2018 it grew by 6.9%, which puts it in fourth place and, thus, in 5th place. In 2019, it will be more interesting, as the company recently acquired its headquarters in the UK.

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