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He is Lord 10-1, he gets 10 from people, he returns it 1 – Newsbeast

Proposals submitted as a bill, Movement of Amendments to overcome the final decision of Greece and entry into development Fossil Gnaemata, criticizing the government of SYRIZANEL and SW.

“It is time for the Greek people to take on our responsibilities. Let us strive for a concrete response to the lawsuit and the right of Greek citizens to dignity. Citizens can not wait. We need to join the Economic and Social Development as soon as possible. This proposal contradicts all conservative politicians. These are de facto implemented by SYRIZA and proclaimed by the New Democracy. Our proposal does not have an “expiration date” for elections. This is our foundation for the Progressive Government program of the country and for overcoming the crisis, ”said the President of the Movement for Change.

Speaking to the House of Representatives in the House of Representatives, to representatives of social actors, democratic compatriots and leaders of the Movement for Change, Ms. Gennimatas accused Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of poverty policy and that she could not quickly develop the commitments made by the country.

“The country cannot fulfill the obligations assumed by Mr. Tsipras. Since these unbearable primary surpluses, they put loops in the throat of the country, undermine development, lead to the dissolution of the welfare state, ”he said.

And he added, according to the Athens Information Agency: “He believes that the Greek people do not understand that they are receiving a lot. He needs 10 and returns it to 1. And he removes his ability to constantly withdraw from stagnation, poverty and unemployment. And Mr. Tsipras boldness invites the Greeks to thank him, "Lord 10-1."

Fossil Gnaemata he criticized Kyriakos Mitsotakis and ND, who firmly say that “he is trying to take advantage of SYRIZANEL’s failure to achieve a conservative restoration. This promises growth for the few, without protecting the network for the needy. He challenges labor rights, announces new cuts in social spending. ”

“From the suffering of Tsipras in the jump in the emptiness, at the altar of the market Mitsotakisa. This is not worth the Greeks, ”she said. The President of the Movement of Changes, “against the evil scandal that the government is cultivating for reasons of non-proliferation,” he said, “in the polarization that SYRIZANEL and N. D. support the elections, insist on the need for political change and policy change. " He asked all social groups to join the movement of change in the movement together. “We are creating conditions for NATIONAL and SOCIAL DISABILITY, a big step forward that Greece needs. We ask for a clear mandate to achieve a great coup with a leading role to meet the requirements for dignity for the country and its citizens. We want, we know, we can, ”said Ms. Gennata.

Presenting the movement of the Law on Movement, he explained that it can be implemented even within the limited framework of the current Medium-Term Strategy of the financial strategy agreed by the SYRIZANEL government for the coming years and the proper distribution and use of its resources – the financial field – in the current customer loyalty.

The Movement for Change proposal moves in two main areas:

  • The first provides incentives for economic recovery, the production of new wealth, the creation of thousands of high-quality new jobs and the unleashing of the country's entrepreneurial and productive forces from overpopulation and the “fixed bonds” of government policy.
  • The second strengthens social justice, restores social cohesion. “We are correcting injustice, strengthening the viability of the insurance system, protecting the weak, helpless elderly. We fully integrate people with disabilities into working life. I once again note that the coverage of these priorities is not negotiable for us, ”said Ms. Gennimat.

He also stated that “with our proposals in particular:

1) We support enterprises, small and medium-sized, individual entrepreneurs.

With a sharp decrease in tax rates gradually from 29 to 20% direct reduction of taxes on production and tourism, the abolition of the trade tax.

With a sharp decline in professional / SME contributions and a ceiling of 675 euros per month for incomes of more than 37,000 per year.

With strong incentives for young professionals and entrepreneurs (with a 3-year exemption from taxes and fees).

Providing a second chance and facilitating the integration of SMEs into an “out-of-court settlement”.

2) We support farmers and agricultural production.

We reduce taxes to 13%, as well as high taxes, separating them from taxable income. We protect CFP “subsidies” by introducing tax free. We give incentives to participate in production groups.

3) We support Greek households.

Complete abolition of the special collection of solidarity for individuals. With a decrease in EFFIA of 30%. Resetting the heating tolerance to the level of a pre-reduction.

4) Strengthening workers and the unemployed, fighting the poverty trap.

The minimum wage will be determined by the social partners through the National General Collective Labor Agreement. We strengthen Collective Agreements, restoring the institution of expansion and the principle of more favorable regulation. We demand employment rights by restoring the role of contractual actions. We create new jobs in the private sector with an incentive to reduce taxation in a simple way. For every 100 euros paid by the employer for new calls, he will be exempt from taxation for 150 years. We are engaged in a poverty-subsidized trap by reintegrating beneficiaries of social income solidarity

5) We abolish extreme injustices and provisions of the pension legislation 4387/2016 (Catastroucallus)

The minimum guaranteed income for an individual pensioner is 500 euros and 700 euros for a couple. Remove injustice against the widow's pension. Reduction of fees for treatment and participation in medicines.

6) We support the disabled and the elderly

Modernization of the program "Home Help" in its membership in municipalities and municipalities. Universal interpretation of Greek sign language for deaf and violent citizens. Measures to support people with disabilities and their families. Measures for social protection and integration of persons with disabilities at work. Pension procedures for people with disabilities.

7) We return to the Hellenic Republic control over state property.

The hypermarket goes into the hands of Greece. The Supervisory Board is elected by decision of the Conference of Presidents of Parliament. Transfer to the Hypermarket, all monuments and archaeological objects are excluded, and the list of the government is revised.

8) We strengthen the island’s policy

Reinstate the reduced VAT rate on the islands and create an interparty committee to examine the measures of ongoing support for all the islands in the country. Expansion of transport equivalent to all islands, without exception.

9) Protect our housing and promote measures for a sustainable and final settlement of existing debts

Protection of housing from mass auctions. We use control when you are interested in high value purchases at auctions. Sustainable and final settlement of existing debts of individuals and legal entities in tax administration and social insurance bodies up to one hundred twenty parties and 5% down payment. ”

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