Saturday , January 23 2021

Employees of the National Theater work at work – three performances canceled

The workplace is currently carried out by workers of the National Theater, with the result that three performances of the day’s repertoire have been canceled.

The union of workers of the National Theater (SEET) will hold a protest at 10:30, in the REX theater, and then in the State Treasury with a request to conclude a signed collective labor agreement from July 2018.

“We appeal to the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Labor and the Minister of Culture, placing them in front of their responsibilities: they must restore the institution of free collective bargaining,” he said in a statement,
“The collective labor contract of the National Theater was held for two months along the corridors of the State Treasury. We are not going to watch the audience in an absurd bureaucratic mechanism, which is hampered by collective bargaining. The process of cancellation of agreements from institutions that do not participate in the negotiations, but ultimately concludes that the transaction itself turns into a game game and a very popular restoration of Collective Agreements in the communicative game of impressions. We demand the immediate implementation of the Collective Agreement, Article 7 (7). We support the resumption of collective bargaining. We demand our dignity. ”

As for the speeches of the National, is canceled:

  • Today we are improvising, a performance based on the theme of Luigi Pirandello, on the Central Stage
  • Vampire Vassilis, Dimitris Psatas, scene "Nikos Korculos"
  • Timon of Athens, William Shakespeare and Thomas Middleton at Rex's Marika Cotopouli Theater

However, due to the time, Zi Zun Jiang’s Orphanage Jazz will be performed on the main stage at 5:30 pm

Viewers who have already purchased tickets will have to go to the funds of the National Theater within ten days to change or redeem their tickets or call 2107234567 for tickets through the call center and the Internet.

Work will stop from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 20:00 to 24:00

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