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Bavaria – Olympiacos: Strenni turned to … Munich –

Bamberg was the second home of Jane Strelna for three years. From 2014 to 2017, the German team competed and the distance to Munich, the corresponding route of Athens-Patras (229 km).

In the Audi Dome, the Olympiacos guard was found 18 months ago. A short feeling of discomfort. Under favorable circumstances, he helped him return to the individual standards of his first Euroleague races. He knew … baskets, and with 10 points in the fourth season, he defeated the defense of Bavaria and played a crucial role in the development of the race, which closed to 35 #, but ended with +10 (72-62) for Piraeus.

C 28 & # 39; 30 & # 39; & # 39; Strohlicek was on the field for a specific purpose. This was revealed to him by Kestutis Kemzuras. “We wanted to hit specific moments,” explained the key partner of David Blatt, focusing on branding Copenhagen in Latvia. The Olympiacos guard was indifferent to Maccabi, did not play with CSKA and Panathinaikos because of the injury, and Fenerbahce had only 2 points with a 1/5 shot in 17 minutes. At 32 & # 39; 24 & # 39; & # 39; his image was proportional. He is not sure, he did not shoot – he has 0/1. From the moment he found his goal, he felt unbearable.

His own points, scored for Olympiacos +5 (54-49), and the personal phase that brought the foul, kept him at a safe distance (59-53) to the final 4 & 39; & 39; for the final. Then came (the first) assistant Spanoulis and his (his first) shot in 6m75 for 70-58. All this in 6 minutes and 4 seconds. Sprint. He retired for 11 years before returning; work has already been done. Self-sacrifice, maturity and perception were the words that Blat used to congratulate his players in the locker rooms. “You left excuses and you got an old-fashioned victory,” he added.

Earlier, during a flash interview, he talked about the battle. Such was the fact that, despite Milyutinov’s effective night, Bavaria was always close. She found advice when she was with William, when she was with Lutchich, when she was with Copeland. Red-and-whites' mistakes were for two-handed play, more gear and a deadly rhythm. By that time, when there was a strelitsa with a bracelet of the hero. Mann from the sky for Blatt, who did not use Mantzaris at all, and he rather well reduced Williams-Gos time, realizing that he lacks hardcore.

How random is the three double Olympics, the Latvian guard was in all two digits? (11, 10, 10); Rather, the question.

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