Tuesday , January 19 2021

Ban on snacks, chocolate and alcohol: what the Greeks bought the most in quarantine

During the first lockdown, consumers in seven European countries, including Greece, spent 2.2 billion more on alcoholic beverages, savory snacks, sweets and chocolate.

Market research firm IRI examined sales data from organized food retailers in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Greece, Germany, Italy and Spain.

In Greece, sales of these products grew by 10%, while Spain (21%) and the United Kingdom (19%) saw the largest growth, followed by the Netherlands (12%), with modest growth in their respective sales. in Germany (6%).

According to IRI, during the first block, it became a habit of eating snacks with an open platform Zoom or something else, as many people went online with friends and family and together had virtual fun together, as if they went out for a snack or a drink.

Sales of savory snacks increased 28% in Spain, 27% in Greece and 16% in Germany.

As for the increase in beverage sales, rum was the winner in Greece and France, gin in Italy and Germany, tequila in Spain, and ready-to-use cocktail mixes in the UK.

According to IRI, consumption of savory snacks and the aforementioned drinks has remained high since then, while consumption of chocolates continues to grow, with sales in Greece increasing 28% during the first lockdown.

With information from Katimerini

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