Sunday , January 17 2021

42-year-old citizen arrested for possession and drug trafficking in Chania

Its seizure is the result of coordinated action in a special project applied in this area.

He was arrested today (November 19, 2018) in the district of the municipality of Chania by police officers of the Department for Drug Control of the Security Division of Chania, a 42-year-old indictment for drug possession and trafficking.

In particular, within the framework of targeted actions and specific actions prepared by the Central Regional Police Department of Crete to combat drug possession and trafficking and after proper use of the data, today (November 19, 2017) police officers of the above Service conducted a coordinated police operation .

During the case, after the 42-year-old was found, he examined himself, and then went to his home.

Total found and seized:
• 113.6 g of heroin in the form of rocks, in 25 improvised packages,
• the amount of cannabis
• pills for drugs for which they lacked the prescription prescribed by law,
• accuracy and
• 2 mobile phones

The preliminary investigation is carried out by the Department of Drug Control of the Security Department of Chania, and the person arrested in the case against him will be taken to the prosecutor's office in Chania.

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