Tuesday , January 19 2021

Würzburg / Bavaria: Police shoot a raging knife

The police had to pick up a pistol in Würzburg on Thursday afternoon: a man ran in front of the museum and waved a knife at them.

Shots on a knife man in Würzburg: "Currently, there is no recognizable motive," and the policeman was injured

The police in Würzburg shot at a man who collapsed in front of a museum and waved a knife. 42-year-old man attacked, according to the latest data, a patrolman with a knifeA police spokesman said on Thursday. In this context too at least one shot were transferred from service weapons.

During the morning incident, the rebels were injured, as was one of the two patrolmen who were in the first place. Which of the two officers was injured and how serious the injuries were was initially unclear. Both the suspect and the policeman were taken to the hospital.

also In search of the background, the researchers still groped the darkness“At present there are no motives for us,” said the speaker. In the afternoon, all traces should be provided, the crime scene should be measured and witnesses interviewed. Bavarian State Criminal Police Department took over the investigation.

First report: a man of unrest in a museum in Würzburg

Würzburg – In Würzburg, the police shot a man who collapsed in front of a museum and waved a knife at it. “The suspect was injured on the way to the hospital,” said a police spokesman on Thursday afternoon. How badly injured a man was initially was not clear. Previously, as they say, he damaged several cars.

Shots on a man with a knife in Würzburg: the population is not in danger

According to the police, there is no danger to the population. The area around the museum in a cultural memory is closed large-scale. The further incidents of the incident and the specific procedure for hiring a firearm are currently determined by Kriminalpolizei and a land criminal investigation.


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