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Velvet camera of a new generation for 199 euros

PlayStation VR: a new generation with a camera for 199 euros

November 18, 2018 at 09:56:

PlayStation VR can be bought much cheaper in the shipping giant Amazon. The second generation is available with a camera and “VR Words” for 199 euros.

Amazon makes entry into virtual worlds cheaper. The PlayStation VR virtual reality headset will get you for 199 euros. It should be noted: this is the second generation of glasses, so the new model. Until now, the first generation has been sold for this reduced price.

For $ 199, you will receive a copy of the PlayStation VR, a PS4 camera needed to use PSVR, and a code for “VR World”.

Offer: PlayStation VR + Camera + VR Worlds for 199 Euro

Compared to the first-generation model, the new version of the PlayStation VR has not changed in principle. New is the fact that headphone cables that are shipped directly are built into PlayStation VR. The result is less salad. In addition, the volume and power on / off knobs are located on the bottom of the VR glasses.

A more important change concerns owners of HDR-enabled TVs, which with the new version of the headset also bring with them an improved processor unit that allows HDR transmission. The HDMI cable does not need to be connected in order to enjoy games and HDR content on the TV.

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