Thursday , January 28 2021

The excitement about the episode "police challenge": "FCK NZS", yes – anti-AfD, no – media


After the broadcast of the Polizeiruf 110 on the first November 11, a small anti-AfD sticker was removed from the episode of Für Janina. He has undergone digital image processing for another broadcast, writes the first on the site of a series of crimes. “In films with a fictitious act, it’s not common practice to use real existing party names,” the NDR press secretary said. On the sticker was a transmitter that produced the episode, it became known at the request of the press. The episode will be available until February 11, 2019 in the media library.

The little anti-afd-sticker was only in some very short sequences that inadvertently appeared on the background of the image, the transmitter writes. In most of the scenes played in the study of the researcher Katrin Koenig (performed by Anneke Kim Sarnau), he was not visible on the wall. "For these reasons, the editors decided to remove the anti-AfD sticker in the media library version."

Other office stickers, such as FCK NZS, have long accompanied the fictional character of the Commissioner. "They are directed against right-wing radicalism, not against a certain party, and serve as the character of the character, such as the old Mercedes S-Class, Katrin Koenig."

In For Janina, this is an unresolved murder case that is being redeveloped. Then the suspected offender was acquitted, but returned to twilight. DPA

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