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Patch notes for giant update here

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Bethesda has released extensive patch notes for the first huge Fallout 76 update. The main focus of the patch is to improve the overall performance and stability of the online game. In addition, the interface has many bug fixes and optimizations.

We recently reported that the first big update for Fallout 76 was a heavy heavy load. Meanwhile, not only the specified update is available, but also the corresponding notes about the patches, which, of course, we do not want to hide from you.

Accordingly, so far nothing new can be seen about the new content and functions. Instead, the patch focuses primarily on improving the overall performance and stability of the online game. In addition, Bethesda has a few mistakes from Fallout 76 (buy now for 59.99 €) fixed, made changes to the interface and working on the PvP part. Here is the complete list:


  • power: Fixed several issues that could lead to exit the game and other performance issues.
  • stability: The game client and Fallout 76 servers received additional stability improvements.
  • Xbox: Fixed a bug that could cause a drop in certain menus.


Art and art

  • Ambient Occlusion: Items placed will not leave their shadows when resuming.
  • camera: The camera now moves smoothly when a player’s character sits on a piece of furniture.
  • graphics: The cover of number 9 of the Tesla study no longer turns completely red when the magazine is taken off or viewed.


  • General information: Fixed a bug that caused some enemies to track a player for longer than expected.
  • loot: Guli and Burnt Officers now discard code secrets for nuclear missiles, as expected when a player kills them.


  • Blueprints: Fixed a bug where the drawings would break up into smaller pieces when exiting Fallout 76 and logging in again.
  • plans: Varnishes obtained during B.E.T.A. were applied to power armor now, as expected on the respective parts. These finishes can also be applied to other power armor kits.
  • repairs: Fixed an issue where elements could be damaged immediately after repair.


  • Tourist Office: Now the branded machine Prickett & # 39; s Fort can be repaired, and players can not work anymore.


  • Pacifist mode: Players who have activated the pacifist regime and want to request a repair shop in a PvP owned by another player will now inflict full damage to the player if they are considered “hostile.”
  • Respawn: If a player returns to PvP after death, he is no longer considered “delusional” for other players.
  • Revenge: Crown Cork rewards will now display correctly when the “Take Avenge” option is selected when it reappears after another player dies.
  • Revenge: If you are attacked by another player who has gone out of revenge, the crown-crown reward for the death of this player is now correctly displayed.


  • languages: Korean characters are now displayed correctly in the game menu.
  • Hotkeys: The hot key for taking photos can no longer be reassigned, and now it is constantly assigned a space on the PC and the A button on the controller.
  • Hotkeys: Fixed a bug that caused the snapshot title button in photo mode to display the wrong hot key.
  • Social: Fixed an issue where other players disappeared from other people's social menus when two players sent an invitation to a friend.
  • Social: Fixed a bug where other favorite player icons in the social menu were not displayed by other users.

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Source: Bethesda

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