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than Olaf Scholz took over as finance minister, he set himself up as the brainchild of his predecessor, Wolfgang Schäuble. The Social Democrat defended black zero and called for the continuation of austerity policies in southern Europe. But since the LDS survey numbers are melting like arctic ice in climate change, Sholz seems to be trying to revive the old prejudice that society cannot handle with money. For example, promising an increase in pensions of tens of billions.

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Question 47/2018

Back, shoulder, knees – how to avoid surgery

Today advises Bundestag about him Draft budget for next yearAnd there are strong arguments in favor of members discussing the main question about the current Scholz experiment: can one become more believable as a politician of the party, risking his authority as a minister?

Visit to Denmark

Angela Merkel can do whatever it wants, the policy of its refugees continues to catch up with her. For example, today Lars Lokke Rasmussen Seen, Prime Minister of Denmark. For many years, the country pursued a particularly generous asylum policy until, after the refugee crisis in 2015, it made a sharp turn: sealing borders, stopping cash payments and banning the burqa. Today, Rasmussen is no longer close to Merkel in immigration policy, but rather Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz or CSU leader Horst Seehofer. The only difference is that its motto is not “upper limit”, but “paradigm shift”.

Mr. Habek is looking for happiness

Robert Habek For a long time I didn’t want to believe that the Greens could become the People’s Party. Now he understands that the reverse is true: people really want to turn green. In polls, the party is approaching the magic mark of 20 percent. Entrepreneurs stand in line to join the new green association of SMEs. And today it even gets German meat industry the head of the eco-party to her annual congressthat this time it does not concern the optimal use of antibiotics for fattening a calf, but about “animal welfare”, “pig casting” and “sustainable animal husbandry”. True to the current motto of the upper bourgeoisie: zucchini chestnut – a new schnitzel.

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Chest of drawers

Small gifts receive friendship, speak the national language. But sometimes they do the opposite, as you can read today in the history of SPIEGEL + by my colleague Steffen Winter. Four years ago, the Dresden State Library returned three chests worth about 100,000 euros to the family of the last Saxon king, but unfortunately forgot to mention that the furniture was previously saturated with highly toxic wood preservative. Now the family has sued the Free State for damages. Justification in accordance with winter: the country has “aufschatzt” their partially useless hazardous waste.

Loser of the day …

… is an Emmanuel MacronSince the French president in his country is called arrogant and carefree and thousands are protesting against his reforms, he seems to be increasingly drawing him abroad. Today he is already on the second day in a state visit to Belgium, and over the weekend he surprised the Germans in the Reichstag Berlin with a movement of love. Perhaps, as his critics suspect, Macron wanted to arm himself in this way even more unfair in the house. Just like his model Charles de Gaulle. He also became popular among the Germans, and then fled in May 1968 from astonishing students in Paris, along the Rhine, to Baden-Baden.

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