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Lets Dance 2019: Show Tours in Germany

Koln –

What a novelty!

Let 's Dance Fans can count on something special in 2019: the producers are planning a tour of Germany for the next year, during which the jury, the candidates and some professional dancers will be on stage.

For "Let & # 39; s Dance": Massimo Sinato wants a special celebrity dance partner (read more here).

Daniel Hartwich moderated the show. Whether Victoria Swarovski will be part of the game is unclear.

Tour "Let & # 39; s Dance" in 15 cities

As RTL said, the Let & Dance team will appear in a total of 15 German cities from autumn 2019.

Prelude is scheduled for November 8 in Rieux (Saxony). Should be made by November 29, including stops in Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig, Berlin and Munich.

From November 21, tickets are included in the exclusive pre-sale. From November 23, they should be available in all well-known ticketing agencies.

Motsi Mabuse became very emotional with her daughter


Motsi Mabuza always had to cry like a new mom.

You don't even know this site from her! For three months, a juror of "Let & Dance" Motsi Mabuse (37) was the proud mother of her little daughter. But that Mamasayn is not always easy, also received Maidi in his own body in this case.

Especially for the beginning of the 37-year-old start there was a time that was easy, as she showed in an interview with Gala.

Motsi Mabuse: “I cried a lot too”

“I just didn’t want to be wrong, so I cried a lot. But from day to tomorrow it suddenly went off, ”said the professional dancer.

Her husband, Yevgeny Voznyuk, 34, claims that Motsi and her daughter are like Siamese twins and always do the same thing: "Eat, sleep and cry." How cute!

But even if she first needed to cope with a new task, like a mother, because a 37-year-old man and her husband are clear: "We want another child."

Isabel Edwardsson is going to get her back


Isabel Edwardsson is preparing for the new season of "Let & Dance's."

This is great news!

Isabel Edwardsson (36) surprised the audience and the contestants "Let & Dance 39" 2017 with the news of her child. In mid-September, it was already like this: Mick's son was born

Meanwhile, the son of Edwardsson is already more than a year – so Isabel for a while back?

“The RTL request is available, and if nothing happens between them, I will be back in 2019,” Isabel now said to the “image.”

She is currently in full preparation. Because: “I received 21 kilograms, eight have not yet descended. I thought I was losing weight faster. My body before pregnancy came from hard work and good genes. My musculoskeletal system is not the same, but I work a lot on it. I go to the gym three times a week, she explains.

They have to go down to the new season again – and even if not, Isabelle looks great with pounds!

Ms. von Jorn Schlövowigt would like to “Let’s Dance”

After the volunteer was called by the wife of the star “GZSZ”, Jorn Shlonvoigt, he now goes to this famous emigrant.

Only at the beginning of August, the wife of Jörn Šlenaewigt, Hannah, indicated that she was interested in participating in the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance”.

Now the celebrity emigrant Daniela Buchner, the wife of pop singer Majorcan Jens Buchner, is after.

Danny Buchner expresses interest in Instagram history

The haunting blonde who recently made headlines, like Zicke in RTL, showed “Sommerhaus der Stars”, commented on this topic in her Instagram story.

A fan asked her if she wanted to take part in a dance show. Daniela “Danny” Buchner’s clear answer: “Definitely”!

New content

A celebrity emigrant expressed in his Instagram story a desire to participate in the "Let & Dance".

A photo:

Screenshot Instagram @dannibuechner

This is an ad! For possible participation in the RTL show, the emigrant had only to convince her husband “Malle Jensa” to dance.

Does it remain clear that the two are really good as a dancer …

Wife of the star "GZSZ" wants to take part in the "Let & # 39; s Dance"

As soon as the eleventh season is over, the first volunteer will be in touch!

This is not about the jungle camp, but about “Let & Dance 39”. In the spring of 2019, the RTL dance show was already in the twelfth round.

Until then, there is still something, but the first interested party has already registered.

Frau von GZSZ-Star wants to be a part of "Let & # 39; s Dance",

An outstanding young lady entered the game – or at least a celebrity wife. Jorn Schlenvoigts (32) the newly married wife Hannah (22).

In its Instagram history, a 22-year-old man who earns money, among other things, as an influential person with more than 100,000 subscribers, asked if she could imagine participating in "Let & Dance".

Her answer was clear.

“I would really like to do this,” she wrote. Well, if this is not a sentence?

New content

This response should have made many of her fans happy.

A photo:

Screenshot Instagram / Hanannig

Is Pietro Lombardi taking part “Let & s 39; Dance”?

Actually, it is no secret that singer Pietro Lombardi (26) would like to take part in a dance show.

Already in the tenth season in 2010, he was appointed, but could not compete due to injury. Also for the eleventh season, he unexpectedly calls Ex Sarah Lombardi (25).

New Content (9)

Will Pietro Lombardi jump over his shadow in 2019?

Among other reasons, Sarah said that Pietro simply does not dare (we reported).

Perhaps he will succeed in defeating his fear next season.

The first season of 2006

"Let & # 39; s Dance" is broadcast on RTL every year since 2006, moderated by Hap Kerkeling and Nazan Ekkes.

Moderation took the third or fourth season, Daniel Hartwich and Sylvie Mace, then van der Vaart. She was replaced by season 12 by Victoria Swarovski.

Joachim Llambi is the only jury member from the first episode. Motsi Mabuse from the fourth, Jorge Gonzalez with a juror of the sixth season. The figure skating princess Katharina Witt, fashion designer Harald Glokler or singer Mait Kelly have already appreciated dancing couples.

Sophia Tomalla also won the show

The first season in 2006 became an actor Wayne Carpendale on the side of Isabel Edwardsson. He was also followed by actress Sophia Tomalla, DSDS winner Alexander Klaus and ex-football player Hans Sarpay as a winner.

In 2017, Gil Ofarim took the side of Ekaterina Leonova, and in 2018 Ekat repeated his success with Ingolf Luke.

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