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Legendary classic car reopened in the barn after 39 years

Steve McQueen once went out to the street with a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am – now it has been reopened.

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The 1979 Pontiac Trans Am was recently found in a barn in Illinois, USA. Behind the sick car stands the legendary car for the cinema.

Almost four decades have passed since Pontiac Trans Am was on the big screen in 1979. Then Steve McQueen sat behind the wheel of "Each head has its own price" at the wheel – but how did the movie car end up in the barn in Illinois?

Legendary film: this scene has the famous Pontiac Trans Am

In October 1979, Steve McQueen made his last film in Illinois, and bounty hunter Ralph "Papa" Thorson went to Nebraska to arrest a criminal couple. For this, he shot in the Pontiac film. However, at the ranch the brothers grabbed Pontiac and accidentally blew it up.

Would you say you are a good driver?

So the Pontiac Trans Am landed in a barn in Illinois

During the filming, however, were for this scene destroyed two Pontiacs, since the first explosion was not spectacular enoughLocal farmer Harold McQueen, who was often on the set as an observer, suggested the team take the second Pontiac to an Indiana landfill because they did not have a semi-trailer. In return, he received for it the first vehicle that was also destroyedas they say on the site Carlyle Motors.

However, Pontiac initially resisted, fearing that the car would again become fit for driving on roads — a plan that Harold McQueen did make.

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However, this was ultimately not realized, nor was the movie car 39 years intact in the barn The farmer, Stan Harwell, a man from the McQuins district, was the attention of Pontiac.

He invited the farmer to buy and restore his car. Now the former box office is probably owned by Carlyle Motors, whose owner Calvin Riggs is a friend of Harvell. It has now been decided what exactly should happen to Pontiac Trans Am.

Burt Reynolds: Legendary cars auctioned off

The last privately owned cars of Bert Reynolds were auctioned on September 29, 2018 in Las Vegas. Among other things, the Firebird Trans Am of 1978 came out of the movie "Prepared Slit Ear" with a hammer.

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