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Jens Büchner (†): Why do critics have to look at these photos

Jens Buchner appears in the Krümels Stadl in the early morning of October 18 in Mallorca. Up to three times a week, he is here, on stage in the 2018 season. But now he has to cancel. It should not be … Jens Buckner canceled his show due to poor short attention ", publishes a pub on his Facebook page until midnight. In the comments below: wishes for restoration, but also to Ham about the alleged dishonest Büchner.
"As if he is sick, it's just a reason to be somewhere else." and “The download was full, and Jens has nothing to do than (…) let go of the message that he is not feeling well at 11:45 in the evening. I hope the lightning will strike you (…) ", pöbeln users. Another says:Well, it confuses Señor Buchner! Such a short look should be created. ”

Jens Buchner has cancer

The fact that no one knows about Twitter Facebook, and no one else publicly knows that the eightfold father is not only “unwell”. He is incurably ill, has lung cancer. “Jens did not want to be a burden for anyone with his illness, so he was silent for so long that he had long understood that something was wrong with him, even before he looked at him”, quotes "BILD" his manager Carsten Hyuter the day after the death report. A look at social networks and image agencies confirm how artilleryman defied his illness – and how wrongly he made offensive comments on Facebook.

His recent performances

July 16: Mixing Cocktails at Faneteria, Cala Millor

Jens Buchner himself is in the counter in his cafe in July of this year; prepares cocktails, clears empty glasses, talks to guests. In some photos he looks tired and tired. And indeed: in a few weeks, Jens had to take a forced break.
On September 7, the entertainer writes on September 7: "The doctors and my body made me pull the equipment and return my circulation and my immune system back (…)." Due to stomach pain he is in the hospital for a week, he must take strong painkillers.

Jens Büchner Blending Cocktail

Jens Büchner Blending Cocktail

August 7: Shooting for RTL

Jens and Daniela are part of the (pre-recorded) reality show RTL “Summer House of the Stars”, which will be aired from mid-July. For an advertising shoot, the couple goes to Germany on August 7th.

September 14: Exterior view at Megapark, Playa de Palma

Jens Buchner does not give himself rest: soon after his stay in the hospital, he warmed up as a singer in the legendary "Megapark" in Ballermann. Did he do too much? "
Jens Buchner
The first appearance after an illness is the Ausraster stage in the mega-park, the newspaper “BILD” writes the day after it “completely reworked”, roared into the microphone and hit boxing. Reporter BILD Ingo Wohlfeil writes in his article Literally on Jens: “He is pale, his eyes are glassy, ​​his cheeks are sunk. That he is sick, you can see. But he is trying to ignore it. ” This also applies to performances in the "Krümels Stadl".

During the show, Jens seems to be next to the track. Even Daniela’s wife, whom he set on stage, seems to feel that

During the show, Jens seems to be next to the track. Even Daniela’s wife, whom he set on stage, seems to feel that

September 19: Appointment at the Sausage House, Palma

Jens and Daniela proudly present their partner tattoos. They have every “King” and “Queen” pinned at the wrist. The 49-year-old wears sunglasses, looks relaxed.

A reminder of eternity: Jens and Danienas show in “Wurst Haus” that their love falls under the skin,

A reminder of eternity: Jens and Danienas show in “Wurst Haus” that their love falls under the skin,

End of September: filming for Goodbye Deutschland

Jens sends a photo of his wife Daniela, which she shows in an interview with the editor of the documentary soap VOX. “Go on!” He commented.

October 4: New View at Megapark, Plame

Although, according to the article “LIVING”, Jens goes wrong, Jens continues to perform his professional duties. A video from the Facebook page on Megapark shows him with a cover version of “Damn that I love you” by Schlager-Star
Matthias Rhyme
In action. Again, there are angry comments (“The level continues to fall in the mega-park”, “The biggest roadway in the mall”).

October 07: German comedy award, Cologne

Together with his wife Daniela Jens, speaking at the awards ceremony for photographers. “It was good,” Jens writes on his Instagram account in the evening. In the photo, he acts purely visually when he is again in better shape. But appearances are deceptive: this should be his last appearance on the red carpet.

Buchner Couple October 7th in Cologne

Buchner Couple October 7th in Cologne

October 8: Temporary closure of “Faneteria”

On October 8, Jens announced on Instagram that his cafe would be closed for now. He shows that the lack of staff and his ill health. In an interview with Goodbye Deutschland, which is released five days before his death, he becomes more specific. “I completely underestimated the“ fan ”, the whole situation, it really brought us a lot of money, yes, but it also ruined our life – in terms of health, I developed stomach ulcers from our bastard.” The same evening is happening "
Mall Jens
His next – and for the season of 2018 – the last live show, which is scheduled for October 17, he has to cancel. What no one knows: "Broken, but sexy" – A Sanger should never return.

From mid-October: out of public

Jens Buchner calms down. On Instagram, he rarely reports. His last post on November 6 is a photograph of his son Diego Armani. On November 17, his agency announced that Jens Buchner "I slept quietly on Saturday night after a short but difficult fight. ” A sad message that should make all malicious commentators think …

Farewell Germany star Jens Buchner (†)

The ups and downs of his hectic life

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