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As in the case of BVB: the scandalous noodles Usmane Dembele – Bark takes over – BVB

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As in the case of BVB: the situation around Usman Dembele comes to mind – now Barka sets an ultimatum to scandalous noodles

11/20/2018 at 12:20

As in the case of BVB, Usman Dembele is worried about FC Barcelona.

As in the case of BVB, Usman Dembele is worried about FC Barcelona.

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Eat Just won't be quiet around Usmane Dembele, Former player Borussia Dortmund makes Barcelona a lot of trouble. Now Bark puts an ex-professional Bvb gun on the chest.

According to the Spanish trade magazine "Sport", Barka put his scandalous noodles with an ultimatum. Accordingly, threaten Usmane Dembele in the coming weeks are grandstand if the former Bvb does not change its behavior immediately.

Former BVB star Usmane Dembele: Has time gone in Barça?

Even a teammate started talking. Forward star Luis Suárez said: "Usmane Dembele you need to focus more and be a little more responsible in some ways. ”

Suárez continues: “Usmane Dembele knows that football is a privilege for every player. Barca has enough professional players to set an example. I hope he will continue to learn. ”

Does Barca sell baby problem to Dembele?

Barca is now ready for 21-year-old children to offer a profitable offer in winter, writes Sport. Therefore, if the club offers a commission of 100 million euros, the Catalans were happy to talk.

+++ Ex-BVB scandalous noodles Usman Dembele in Bark until the end of the exchange – now he has moved to this club? +++

Uusmane Dembele was the summer of 2017 for 105 million euros Borussia Dortmund changed to Barcelona. Through various bonuses a total of about 40 million euros Bvb flow. This change triggered Dembele after a training strike.

On Barca, Dembélé has also written since his broadcast also caused a lot of negative headlines – initially without his own fault. Due to a permanent injury, he fell for several months.

+++ national coach talks about Dembel: “I know his excuses” +++

Usmane Dembele – his scandalous file in Barca

Once the French national player was again in good shape, he again felt his reputation again terribly. Here is an excerpt from his scandalous file in Barça:

  • Dembele was criticized with his coach Ernesto Valverde for not showing a commitment to defensive work.
  • His fitness trainer accused Dembele of attacking him badly because he ate too much fast food.
  • After the game, Dembele illegally went to Marrakesh to celebrate with friends.
  • Last week, Dembele did not appear during training and only reported about the disease after that. Alleged gastrointestinal problems were, according to “how”, but only an excuse. As it turned out, Dembele played video games all night long (that's the whole story).
  • The former landowner Dembele in Dortmund now requires EUR 15,562 in outstanding rent from Barca star. In addition, Dembele left the apartment in a disastrous state. The damage in the amount of EUR 5,033.70 should also be paid by Dembélé, the requirements of the landlord (all the backgrounds here).
  • Dembélé regularly appears too late for training sessions or meetings in a team. Also in the Champions League match against Inter Milan, he was late for the agreed venue. Result: Dembele had to extinguish for 90 minutes on the bench.

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