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Vianney presents behind the scenes of the NRJ Music Awards: "There is a fight",

On November 10, 2018, Vianni took part in the 20th NRJ Music Awards (NMA), a large party organized by Nikos Aliagas from the Festival Palace in Cannes and broadcast live on TF1. A week later, a 27-year-old singer, songwriter, singer, and songwriter presented the background of this musical event, followed by millions of viewers.

On the RTL microphone, in the show We remake the TV On November 17, Vianney regretted that live music was becoming increasingly rare on television. "He screwed up"He said, illustrating his experience with his experience at the NRJ Music Awards. Without a cruel teasing ceremony, the one who writes and composes for many artists stated:It's cool, but nothing plays, everything is wrong. People really sing, but behind it is just fake music, and it is very frustrating.“This device, which costs much less than live performances, for which musicians need to pay, does not allow, according to Vianni, to truly live musicmagicHe agrees, despite everything, to adapt, despite his huge disappointments, and acknowledges that he does not want to fight to demand life.

Translator I'm leaving concluded his remarks by showing a bit more behind the scenes of the IA. "In the boxes you could see who beat the cables, who was not happy. (…) Because there are people who do not go early enough. (…) There are some who “struggle” for it., He was not shy about uncovering.

Contact The Voice

In this interview, Vianni also admitted that he contacted Vote (TF1) to take on the role of a trainer. Work for which he does not feel completely legitimate. "When I write songs, I know what I'm doing. I can really criticize my work. (…) On the other hand, do not return to someone who has all his heart, I know that I will have a strong heart and that I will not be healthy ”, – He explained to Eric Dussart.

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