Tuesday , January 26 2021

The Walking Dead: Why animals do not become zombies?

Season 9 The Walking Dead has been going on for several weeks in the United States. We finally know why animals are not infected with the zombie virus!

The virus that turns people into zombies remains a huge mystery in The walking Dead. However, we finally know why animals cannot be affected by this disease!

The Walking Dead: People Who May Suffer Virus?

It's been over nine years since the fans the walking Dead Follow the adventures of Daryl, Carol and Michonny. During the seasons there were many deaths and many victims of the virus. Because of the virus, people can turn into zombies, and this created an apocalypse. Since then, our heroes have been doing everything possible to eliminate the main cause of the spread of this virus: zombies.

At the moment, the only way to destroy the virus and kill all the zombies. This allows people not to get bitten and turn into zombies in turn. The characters have not yet found a cure for the virus. In addition, at the moment they really are not looking. The virus, as well as its arrival on Earth, remains a huge mystery. But we know that animals, like dogs, cannot catch him!

The Walking Dead: an interesting theory about the virus!

Daryl made a new friend in The Walking Dead. A man walks with a dog, and he likes it very much. Fans can already calm him down. Daryl's dog has no chance of becoming a zombie dog. This is not expected in the series and fans will never see the animal turning into a zombie! There is a logical answer to this!

“Some viruses are species specific. Diseases such as measles and smallpox affect only people. Viruses do not move from one species to another. " Saida Tara Smith, a microbiologist from Livescience,

It seems that science has figured out why the series never pushes zombie animals. According to her, the virus affects only one species: a person. in this wayhe would have been created only for attacking people and destroy a large part of the population.

" Whatever it is, this virus seems to be specific for humans. Otherwise we will see zombie animals. Viruses usually have a tropism, which means that they can infect only one specific cell type. " She said.

Next episode the walking Dead take place on Sunday evening in the United States.

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