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The “baby coffre” process: parquet grill for appetite de la maire

The common parquet made a conviction of five years in prison, not three with a chest, Rosa-Maria-da-Cruz, the mother of the child said “du coffre”, annoncé plays prosecutor Thule in a communique. Serena, the daughter, spent the first 23 months in a car full of money, rising from the hardships that made him brave from unrecoverable seals.

Rosa-Maria-da-Cruz, 50 years ago, was condemned on Friday by the Cours de Assizes de la Corres, five days after the trial. The attorney general had eight years of trial, and the defendant was happy to be acquitted.

The same woman is combined with disabilities or permanent infirmities in the south of 15-year-old men with age, deprivation of sounds or food that threaten the saints of a righteous child, which deprives you and your mother-in-law atheist – a complete child.

“Depressive Fountain 80%” for Serena

She encouraged 20 years of alienation, in efficiency, which was seen in the gymnasium, on the basis of a "permanent" character from childhood. Sérena aura 7 ans ce week-end, I've been here for five years. He suffered from a "fundamental deficiency of 80%," a "plausible irreversible autistic syndrome," read, limited to isolation, the last examination of my 2016 year.

Séréna avait été découverte in October 2013 for the Terrasson-Lavilledieu garage (Dordogne). Avait ouvert le Coffre from Peugeot 307 from a client who attended operations, and I found the child, next to the cozy coupon, you leave and are in a state of saintly regrettable.

I tried a number of experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, obstetricians and gynecologists to investigate the psyche of motherhood, and in general, mental disorders are associated with rudeness and motherhood. The defense applied, in the case of Mrs. da Cruz, “psychiatric dissociation”, “deity of rudeness”, suivi de una “déni d & # 39; enfant”, which forced her to keep the child in close proximity. league

Une vie entre le coffre et sous sous-sol

Serena, in contact with her mother and beggars, spoke on time between the cash register or the back of the car, she joins the sunlight in the family house where you are in Jamaica. You also do not think about Ms. da Cruz, and you do not lie with other babies during 4, 9 and 10 years old, the greatness or presence of the child is still present.

Mrs. Da Cruz, Chrystèle Chassagne-Delpech, made it clear that her client, in a hairbrush for hide and seek, was hardened by "a relatively bad bargain." Pour elle, jury "you have a record of your identity, this made it impossible to use a long-term womb."

Throughout the process, more and more experts released the "good old man" that the accused was for other children, stables and partisan socialists. Rosa-Maria-da-Cruz was also provided by the State of Tours in the Seine.

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