Monday , January 25 2021

Nicole Bellubet carries out juvenile justice reform

The Justice Reform Bill, currently under consideration by the National Assembly, was already very large (or “caught”, according to its ill-wishers), affecting both civil and criminal procedures, as well as a map or at the level of fines. The keeper of the seals, Nicole Bellow, apparently, does not stop there. She created an unexpected environment by announcing in the House during the questions to the government: “The government will seek permission from parliament, within the framework of the Law on Justice Reform, to reform the 1945 Ordinance by creating a Code of Juvenile Criminal Justice.” The Minister indicated that she would carry out the orders: "This work will be carried out transparently with you in the next semester."

If the announcement as a process is completely unexpected, there is ambition at the bottom, already transferred by several residents of the Place Vendome. Recently, Christians Taubira and Jean-Jacques Urvoas, in turn, wanted to do what is called "Legislative millefeuille", without success. Order of 1945, text on "Inhuman childhood" – which defines the basic principles of easing responsibility depending on age, searching for educational answers and applying to specialized jurisdictions – really knew a lot of consecutive reforms, starting from the 80s, making it less but less discriminating.

"Without angels or demagogy"

There is general agreement on the need for simplification. The Christians of Taubira, who had promised France Hollande the election campaign, wanted to confirm the primacy of education in relation to repressive and liquidated criminal juvenile courts established under Nicolas Sarkozy. “Every decision made in relation to a minor is primarily intended to ensure his educational recovery and prevent recidivism”, it was written in his bill that she did not impose executive authority. If she were one of the few, left to worry so much about delinquent children, she suffered from her weak image, constantly pointed to the right.

Nicole Bellubet, it seems, is already seeking to protect herself from such offenses. She told the members: “We must ensure clear and effective responses to juvenile delinquency, while respecting the fundamental principles […] We must judge minors more quickly so that, if necessary, they are aware of the seriousness of their actions. We need to respond faster to the victims, this is important. We must also take measures adapted to each profile of a young offender, without angels or demagogy. ” Even if it remains evasive on the merits of the project, we perceive a change in philosophy. This is no longer a question of the rule of education or the fight against recidivism, but only the speed of criminal punishment. Similarly, the paradigm shift manifests itself in the current justice bill: if Christian Taubira believes that closed educational centers are not the best answer to youth crime (which led to hanging out with President Holland), the current Keeper of Seals plans to build another twenty.


This unexpected impetus for reforming juvenile justice through the draft law under consideration is all the more surprising because just a month ago Nicole Bellubet seemed far less impatient. In October, immediately after one of her students attacked a teacher in Creteil, she announced a 1945 ruling: “This is a topic on which a number of parliamentarians work. If there is in this sense, a request that appears, I am not at all hostile to the idea of ​​reworking this issue. ”

The National Assembly is currently conducting an information mission on juvenile justice, led by Jean Terrier (LREM). Is she only going to reach her conclusions at the approaching reform? “I am surprised that this statement falls well, even, as you remember, a parliamentary information mission is currently being conducted and this work is being done in the Senate”, MP Philip Gosselin was annoyed. exposing "A very unusual process" which foreshadows "Full alienation of parliament", he calls "Mistake" also "Mistake" master such an important subject. He, of course, will not be the only one who will be outraged. An unexpected announcement by Nicole Belloub could feed the slingshot on this new day to mobilize legal professionals, to evade the bill, since it was introduced in April last year.

Julie Brafman

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