Wednesday , January 27 2021

Live – Covid-19: Approaching 6:00 pm curfew?

Swimmer Yannick Agnel agrees to be vaccinated, “this is the only way to get back into the world sooner”

There are over a hundred athletes who have committed themselves to RMC. Like others, swimmer Yannick Agnel ensures that he gets vaccinated against Covid-19 whenever possible. This is “the only way to find peace sooner,” he told BFMTV Thursday morning.

What can Jean Castex announce this Thursday?

What are the latest leads from the leader? National curfew at 6:00 p.m. and new border restrictions: these are two main ways, according to the executive, to contain the spread of the virus. BFMTV’s head of political service Philippe Korbet talks about them in detail on the set of First Edition.

The study shows that caregivers of Covid-19 patients are fully protected from re-infection.

The vast majority of caregivers who have already contracted Covid-19 are protected from re-infection for at least five months, a British study shows, which warns that some may still be carrying the virus and transmitting it.

Researchers from the public health agency Public Health England identified 44 potential re-infections among 6,614 healthcare workers who already had antibodies to the new coronavirus over a five-month period from June to November 2020.

Compared to those who have not yet been exposed to Sars-CoV-2, that represents 83% protection, according to a study published Thursday, which has not yet been reviewed by independent researchers.

But British researchers warn that while the antibodies appear to prevent re-infection of Covid-19, preliminary data from the next phase of their study suggests that some of the participants carry significant amounts of the virus and can still transmit it to other people.

China reports first coronavirus death in eight months

Health authorities announced Thursday that China has recorded the first Covid-19 death on its soil in eight months, in a country that is struggling with a resurgence of an epidemic it has largely controlled.

The death occurred in Hebei province, according to the National Health Commission, without providing additional information. It is in this province that several cities have recently been contained after the emergence of infections. The most recent death tied to a pandemic in mainland China occurred in May 2020.

Press conference by Jean Casteks at 18:00.

Hello everyone and welcome to this new broadcast dedicated to the coronavirus epidemic. Will the 6:00 pm curfew apply to other departments or the entire country? This Thursday, the executive is to decide on new restrictions in the face of Covid-19.

The day after the establishment of the new Council for the Protection of Health, Jean Castex held a press conference at 6:00 pm, surrounded by at least six ministers: Olivier Veran (health), Jean-Michel Blanquer (national education), Bruno Le Maire (economics). and finance), Elisabeth Bourne (labor), Roseline Bachelo (culture) and Frederic Vidal (higher education).

You can of course follow the press conference live on BFMTV and

On January 14, 2021, a new press conference will be held on the Covid-19 epidemic.
A new press conference on the Covid-19 epidemic will take place on January 14, 2021. © BFMTV

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