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Lady Diana the Revolutionary, these are the rules of the royal protocol that she changed

We tend to forget this, but Lady diana revolutionized the Royal Family of England. Regardless of whether he was a way of communicating with the public, dressed up or raising his children, the mother of princes William and Harry was an exceptional woman, full of surprises. Naturally, the Princess of Wales was used to shaking the codes of the English monarchy. Marrying Prince charles On July 29, 1981, Lady Dee breathed new life into Windsor. Let me say that she was a real British icon, beloved and loved by all. Even today, despite her tragic death on August 31, 1997 in a terrible accident in Paris, she continues to be a source of inspiration. Witness to his sons, who proudly carry their heritage daily. You will understand, Diane spencer was unique. Here are 7 rules of the royal protocol that she changed!

She changed her wedding vows.

You may not know this, but according to the rites of the Anglican Church in England, the wife should have sworn obedience to her husband during the marriage ceremony. An ancient tradition on which Princess Diana failed during her own alliance with Prince CharlesYes, if the decision of Lady Dee could not help but speak at that time, the young woman would not lose her character. Example followed by Kate Middleton and Megan Markle who also did not promise to obey their comrades.

She gave birth in hospital

Until the birth of his daughter Anne, Queen Elizabeth II She gave birth in her royal possession, as tradition dictates. Inspired by this change, Lady Diana, in turn, decided to go to the hospital to give birth to her children.Later, the famous photographs of the Princess of Wales in front of the famous wing of the Lindo Hospital in London, St. Mary’s, quickly became iconic and inspiring for future generations. as Kate Middleton who perpetuated the custom in the same way as for his three descendants.

She sent her children to school

At that time, the traditions of the royal family were heavy. For example, children had to go to school at home. But still, Prince charles was the first member of the Windsor clan to go to school. However, this change occurred only in 9 years. Prior to that, he conducted classes with a private teacher. Always avant-garde, Princess Diana did not hesitate to send Princes Harry and William in kindergarten when they were old enough to enter.

She stopped wearing some protocol accessories.

Unlike Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana very quickly put off gloves during official walks. Cause? The young woman preferred direct contact with the public. Shaking hands with the people she met is very important to Lady DiBut this is not the only accessory that she stopped wearing! Indeed, the mother of William and Harry, too, abandoned the headdress. "You can not hug a child with a hat" she trusted at the time. Anecdotes shown by the museum curator Eleri lynn, In the magazine fashion,

She spent her children on an official trip with her

when Prince charles and his sister Anna were 3 and 5 years old respectively, their parents Elizabeth and Philip left their nannies for 6 months to go on a diplomatic trip. Very close to your children Lady Diana preferred to take her sons along on official trips.Inspired by his mother, Prince William also travels with Charlotte, Louis and George, even if it is sometimes difficult.

She was not afraid of arguments

In April 1987, Lady diana was controversial in the opening of the first medical center dedicated to AIDS patients in England. Remember about this, the Princess of Wales has shaken the hand of an HIV-infected patient without any protection, A famous photo that quickly circulated around the world. A good way to destigmatize the disease.

She was a mother like any other.

We know, Lady diana He loved to get out of the nails set by the British royal family. Indeed, he often violated the protocol on the upbringing of his sons in particular. When princes Harry and William were children, the Princess of Wales behaved like the most normal mother. For proof, she took her pretty blonde heads to eat pizza or mcdonalds, and did not hesitate to take the subway or bus in some casesAt that time, the two heirs to the crown even went to Disney World with their mother. The simple life of which William and Harry are very grateful today.

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