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Johnny Halliday is “polluted” by the problems of his daughter Laura, the concern of Laeticia

After serious health problems with Johnny Halliday in 2009, Laeticia Hallyday wanted to protect her man from everything that could upset his balance. Laura Smet was especially in the viewfinder of her stepmother.

Johnny Halliday was close to death in 2009. Hospitalized, placed in an artificial coma, he managed miraculously thanks to the support of Laeticia Hallyday. The last wife of the rocker then wanted to protect the star, weakened by dough. She took over the leadership of the Halliday family., to the detriment of Elder Patriarch David Halliday. this " while trying to establish himself as head of the familyexplains point this Thursday, November 22, by Benjamin Lokoge, author Ballad from Johnny & Laeticia (Fayard). But it was Laetia who took his hand and gradually cleared her environment., "

To protect Johnny Halliday, she thought it was best to move away from all those who could upset the balance, including … his daughter. " She was unhappy with Laura's problems.she didn't want johnny to be soiled by her first daughtercontinues journalist Championship of Spain. But Johnny did not let go of himself; he continued to take care of his daughter in order to give him money by buying him a certain apartment. Rocker really helped Laura Smett to buy two apartments in Paris, one in 2003 on Rue du Cirche Midi in the sixth arrondissement of Paris, and in 2007 – on Bonaparte Rue. To allow him to repay the loan, the patron sent him 5,000 euros each month. This payment ended with his death on December 5, 2017.

While Laeticia Hallyday struggled to break the bond between Johnny Halliday and her eldest daughter, it seems that her relationship with her son suffered from this difficult period. " As for David, it is true that from this period, relationships have been expanded … , ”Added Benjamin Locke. Like his stepsister, the singer and songwriter could not say goodbye to his father until his death. He wrote him a letter that he could never personally pass on to the singer. "I could not goodbye, explained David Halliday in an interview at Seven eight on TF1 Sunday November 18th. I spent the day waiting to get to his office where he was hospitalized, and I could not do that. (…) I left it to the serving character and left. When I arrived the next day, they told me that we could not give it to him or read it. It scared me.

So many unspoken and strained relations that foreshadowed a fratricidal war, finally, were continued by the Halliday clan around a will, written under US law, left by Johnny Halliday. The patriarch decided to leave his inheritance of Leticia, his widow, to the detriment of his two elders. The latter decided to challenge their last wishes in court. The next court hearing was postponed until next spring.

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