Monday , January 18 2021

convincing return of Neymar

After this announcement

When Neymar burst into tears over his injury in the match lost to OL in Ligue 1 on 13 December (0-1), many feared another long absence. Two days later, then-coach Thomas Tuchel announced that he hoped to cure the Brazilian for a game against Lille scheduled for next Sunday. Finally, a month later, on January 13, Neymar returned to the field. On the bench ahead of the match, the Brazilian star found OM, a club for which he had been expelled twice since his arrival in Ligue 1. With the prospect of a heated reunion with lvaro Gonzalez after being accused of racist abuse. during Classic on September 13th.

Entering the game in the 65th minute, Neymar frolicked again on the French pitch, hitting right away and causing mistakes very quickly. Including several people from Alvaro, who obviously wanted to fight again. But Neymar remained the master of his nerves. At the press conference, Mauricio Pochettino also praised the Brazilian’s calmness. We spoke with Neymar, with the entire team before the match, about managing emotions. I am very happy with the way the team behaved. “

Notable involvement

In addition to his leadership of the event, Neymar demonstrated that he has legs at lightning speed and that he has not lost any of his science of punishment, quietly mistaking Pele on the wrong foot for a 2-0 goal. “I found him good, with great envy. He’s a special player. I’m very happy for him. I am satisfied with the overall work of the team “– noted Pochettino, at the microphone Channel Plus, after meeting.

We’re looking forward to his first tenure at number 10 to learn more about the role his new coach intends to give him. Thomas Tuchel gave him a lot of freedom and usually put him at the center of the game. Against OM, Neymar left the axis of Marco Verratti and took the left lane. Will he become the guardian of the left corridor again? On Saturday it is worth learning more about PSG’s trip to Angers. One thing’s for sure is the implicated Neymar we saw in Lens between the kiss on the badge and going online.

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