Friday , November 15 2019
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Airbus admits to being a victim of a "cyber incident"

After Altran fell victim to a cyber attack last week, it was Airbus’s turn to claim to be a victim this time. "Cybersecurity incident"The European manufacturer discovered "cyber incident" in the information systems of the commercial aircraft division, he said in a statement released Wednesday night. As a result, unauthorized access to data occurred. “This does not affect Airbus business operations.”explained the European giant. This incident is the subject of a “thorough investigation” by Airbus experts, who took “Immediate and appropriate measures to enhance existing security measures and mitigate their potential impact, as well as determine its origin”,

Surveys are conducted to see if specific data has been targeted. “However, it has already been established that consultations were held with some personal data,” said the aircraft manufacturer. “This is, in fact, business contact information and IT identifiers for Airbus employees in Europe,” he said. The manufacturer is in contact with regulatory authorities and competent data protection authorities in accordance with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulations). He asks his staff “Take all necessary precautions in the future”,

Altran Cyber ​​Attack Victim

On Monday, Altran admitted that he was a victim of a cyber attack. “On January 24, 2019, Altran became the target of a cyber attack, which influenced its activities in some European countries”he announced. Group of Engineering and Research Services (R & D) It was "disconnected immediately" his computer network and all applications pour pRotation of customers, employees and partners.

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