Saturday , January 16 2021

activist, raised on a crane Beynak, arrested

Jeremy Kerdron, a man who perched on a crane at the Beynack’s trough construction site in Dordogne, protesting against this detour project in one of the most touristy valleys of Perigord, was expelled and brought to court on Thursday in a court injunction of justice, announced the prefectures.

"Defender of the SDF of nature." “This morning, at 10 am, a device was introduced to knock down a man holding a crane at the Beinac construction site. At 10:20, the man again found himself on the ground and was arrested (…) the order of a temporary release judge, "the prefecture states in a statement. 32-year-old Jerry Curdraon, who represents herself "Defender of nature SDF", intends to "condemn this project, which destroys nature."

The project is long controversial. With a budget of more than 30 million euros for the construction of a 3.2-kilometer road and two bridges, the project “bypassing Beynac” is supposed to absorb caps that paralyze the city center during the summer season. But for many years it crystallizes the opposition of environmentalists as a legacy of inheritance.

To provoke the anger of Stefan Bern, who tweeted well, attacked the project initiator, the chairman of the county council Germinal Peyro, who was considered by the man of the national heritage "Chauscheku de la Dordogne, a lover of concrete", objected chosen. In a statement, the prefecture recalls in this regard that “the departmental council, the project manager, meets on December 3 a new monitoring committee in which associations are invited and can speak”.

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