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40 years later, the resort settlement "Bronzes" in the Côte d'Ivoire abandoned

It used to be privileged tourists, today almost in ruins. The plot and the beach are covered in waste.

It was already 40 years old! Jean-Claude Dusset, Popeye and Gigi made us laugh for the first time with Bronze released in theaters on November 22, 1978. The moment the movie celebrates its birthday,The atmosphere of “welcome to galaswind” has changed.

The shooting took place in Cote d Ivoire, in Assund, about 80 kilometers from Abidjan. We obviously remember the song of the movie. "Welcome to Galassuinda"that is actually a distortion of the name of the village "Assouindé", “We used to have grand parties, grandiose when young people left, so we called it Galasvinda,explains Alphonse Guelabla, one of the few remnants left in the village.

The village is a favorite place for expatriates for the weekend. In the 80s, Club Med every week took hundreds of tourists, the film increased the number of orders and transformed the village. When going to the shooting sites, one reviews the cult scenes, the swimming pool, bar, theater, the bridge of which GO launches water seals during group photography.

The pool of the festive club where the movie was filmed
In the pool of the leisure club, the film "Les Bronzés" was shot. (YOUENN GOURLAY / RADIOFRANCE)

Except for the fact that Club Med is abandoned, the bridge collapsed, the pool silted due to erosion, waste and vegetation invaded the site closed in 2005, successive political crises have been thrown by tourism in Ivory Coast. "Today, the ruins, it discourages us"regrets Alphonse Gulabla.

Club Med Assouindé in 2018.
Assouindé Club Med in 2018. (YOUENN GOURLAY / RADIOFRANCE)

GZThomas Touma, who worked there for 6 years as an intermediary: “From the moment of closing many people were unemployed and did not find work, hundreds of people worked here, and there were no tourists left,”,

The Club Med reconstruction project is currently underway, but to turn it into a rented house, the village holiday spirit has disappeared.

Holiday village Assunde, abandoned by tourists: a report from Amandin Rio.

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