Tuesday , January 19 2021

18 migrants saved on two boats

Eighteen migrants, seven in the first boat and eleven in a second, were rescued on Wednesday night during an attempt to get to England; this was studied in Canal and North Sea Prefecture of the Sea.

“All are safe and secure, seven migrants, six men and one woman were handed over to the British border forces, and eleven others, from the second boat, went to Calais to transfer them to the PAF (border police, Ed.) ), said a spokeswoman for the maritime prefecture.

Significant resources committed

Around midnight, the French Navy interceptor "spotted a boat in the sea." Then there was a repeater in the Border Force, which recovered from seven migrants, six men and women through its boat, after the same source.

Significant resources were committed by the French authorities, with the maritime patrol aircraft, helicopter, tugboat and patrol vessel.

At about 2 o'clock it was a ferry, which this time warned the authorities, opening another boat en route to England, which was in a distressed situation, broken down, with eleven migrants on board.

“All the people were called by the customs patrol, northeast of Cape Grice-Nez,” the spokeswoman said, adding that the boat was part of Kale. Eleven migrants were sent on Thursday morning to hand over the PAF.

Good weather conditions (full moon, calm sea) can explain this double try.

Very difficult intersection

On November 13, 17 migrants, including three juveniles, declared that they were Iranians, had already crossed the canal on a fishing boat stolen in Boulogne-sur-Mer, before it was intercepted near Dover.

Traffic density, high currents, shallow waters, almost constant temperature of wind and water make crossing the Pas-de-Calais (33-kilometer minimum distance) very difficult and extremely dangerous.

According to the maritime prefecture, in 2016 there were 23 attempts at “temporary” shipments by boat and 13 in 2017.

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