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Tigray decides to defend the rule of law in Ethiopia

Resolute-Protect-Rule-of-Law November 19, 2018. The deputy chief administrator of the Tigran regional state of Ethiopia and the chairman of the Tigran People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) said that Tigray residents and his government support the ongoing campaign against corruption and abuse of power.

The Deputy Chief Administrator, Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, as quoted by ENA, "is in the desire of the people of Tigray and the government to continue the detention of corrupt individuals and violators of human rights." “Detention, however, must be given due respect for the rule of law,” he added.

In a press briefing that he gave today, Dr. Debresion said that the people of Tigray made great sacrifices to ensure the rule of law.

“The Tigray people and the regional government firmly support the protection of the rule of law. The position of the people of Tigray and the government is decisive, ”he stressed.

In previous comments regarding recent events and the campaign against corruption and abuse of power, Dr. Debrezion indicated that his government and its party, the TPLF, would not protect those found guilty of any crimes.

Recently, the government of Prime Minister Abi Ahmed has taken unprecedented steps to round several senior officials and arrest them, some see the cameras. The campaign focused mainly on corruption in the Metallurgical Corporation (METEC) and human rights violations in the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS).

Despite the fact that these actions were welcomed by large sections of the Ethiopian community, there are many Ethiopians who believe that the current campaign is mainly political and aimed at the people of Tigrayan and the TPLF. According to these people, when it comes to corruption and abuse of power, there are much more people, including those who are still in the government, who must respond to various crimes and abuses, and not only in METEK or NIS.

“These measures should not be limited to some, but should include many federal organizations and regions. Everyone should be responsible. ” This was stated by Debrets.

“The attempt of suspects in the media, describing them as criminals, strengthens the efforts of the courts and the police in order to discover the truth that is useless,” he added.

According to some online media reports, the TPLF chair is currently under tremendous pressure from its ranks inside the TPLF and Tigrayans around the world to ensure that the anti-corruption drive covers all nations and regions that have had roles in any wrongdoing , including in current government posts.

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