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Report: iOS “completely dominates the Internet” and Android

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Apple’s mobile platform, iOS, is the third most popular on the Internet, second only to Windows and Mac OS, one Internet research firm announced. This news is just the latest evidence of a growing trend towards mobile computing.

According to Net Applications, while Windows used the Internet at 91.3% and Mac OS demanded 5%, iOS, including the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, accounted for 1.1% of devices connected to the Internet in August. This figure is ahead of iOS and Android, and Linux.

“This is something you should pay attention to when the mobile operating system skips what has always been,” said Vince Wizzakkaro, vice president of Net Applications, noting that iOS devices are superior to the open source operating system.

“The mobile growth curve is strong, and mobile has become a phenomenon on the Internet,” he adds. As for Apple’s eternal struggle against Google, Net Applications said that iOS has a 6: 1 advantage over the smartphone platform.

Vizzaccaro: “Whatever the sales, we see that iOS completely dominates the Internet market.”

Earlier this summer, Google-owned ad firm AdMob reported that 57 percent of the 43.8 million iOS devices were located outside the US. According to AdMob, 12.7 million devices worldwide are registered for the Android platform for Google smartphones.

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