Wednesday , January 20 2021

Speech by the Prime Minister at the Takaful Conference and the dignity of the Third

The Minister of Housing and Communal Services and Urban Community, Dr. Mustafa Madbuli, gave a speech during his participation in the third conference of Takaful and Karama, entitled “From Protection to Production” in the presence of a number of ministers and ambassadors.

At the beginning of his speech, Dr. Mustafa Madbuli expressed his happiness and pride in his participation in the celebration of three years since the opening of the Takaful and Karama conditional monetary support program for effective protection successes for 2.2 million poor families and the first protection categories . Families make up about 9.5 million. Citizens.

The Prime Minister noted that the poverty level of these families was calculated in accordance with scientific and statistical criteria based on poverty maps issued by the Central Agency for Mobilization and Population Statistics, and in accordance with the indicators established by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in order to develop the social protection system .

“Since the beginning of the 21st century, many countries of the world, including Egypt, have undergone radical changes associated with difficult social, economic, political and cultural conditions, both at the global and local levels, which led to the restructuring of the national economy and the adjustment of social policies, many of these countries sought to adopt integrated social policies that combine support and protection with job creation, reducing unemployment, improving basic services and infrastructure, the development of social institutions, transparency and accountability at all levels.

He noted that the CCT program is a response to the Egyptian government’s approach to social justice policies and the easing of pressure on life affected by families below the poverty line as a result of the economic reform measures adopted by the state in recent years for a more balanced restructuring of the economy. Comprehensive and sustainable development and the establishment of peace of the community as a whole.

The Prime Minister said: “I would like to evaluate the impact of the program on investments in human capital and human construction, providing medical care for children under six years of age and after the reproductive health of mothers. In addition, 18 years of various educational stages, as well as monitoring school attendance with the aim of increasing interest in education in all villages and centers.

Dr. Mustafa Madbuli stressed that the government does not consider social protection programs as charity, but accepts a development point of view, emphasizing the obligations of families to take care of their members, especially their children in health, education and nutrition, in order to protect them from falling into ignorance and disease and invest in these generations. Drive development.

He noted that social protection is a right that embodies a social contract between a state and a citizen and promotes national harmony between government institutions “governmental, private and private” through a series of measures and mechanisms of social solidarity based on justice and fairness. Economic and social fragility and the prevention of further shocks.

The Prime Minister added: “We are called to talk about an urgent problem that threatens economic growth and disruption of development efforts, which is the problem of demographic inflation in Egypt and the inability to adopt effective family planning policies, which leads to an imbalance between the population, resources and services. The statistical compilation of 2018, issued by the Central Agency for Mobilization and Population Statistics (CAPMAS), shows that the annual population growth exceeds 2.5 million people, which exceeds the number of countries as a whole. population density Deterioration of health and education services, illiteracy, water erosion, electricity, sanitation and transport. This leads to a decrease in the level of income of the nation and, accordingly, per capita income in the national income. According to international data and statistics, Egypt reaches the highest growth rates in the Middle East region, but this is not enough, because population growth is devouring these rates.

Medbuli explained that social protection cannot be considered as an alternative concept of traditional social assistance that perpetuates the negative perspective of a citizen and the pastoral perspective of the state, which for many years contributed to the spread of a culture of “dependency”, burdened the state and violated market forces. In the new protection mechanisms, meet the needs of simple, maintain their dignity and invest in citizens who can work.

Dr. Mustafa Madbuli, Prime Minister, stressed the need for concerted government efforts to limit population growth, be it raising family awareness or providing health services and family planning tools, and focusing on quality rather than quantity. Healthy, educated and productive citizens, we must rationalize support resources for the benefit of informed families that maximize the interests of the family in particular and the interests of the nation as a whole.

In this context, the Prime Minister announced that cash support services would be limited to only two children, and not three children per family, starting in January 2019. In order for the government to add new families that are in dire need of support, it is unfair that large families will announce this next year, pointing to the need to follow a rational social policy, based on logic and relying on our available resources, and not on our needs that increase the inflation of the population.

Medbuli noted that the Ministry of Social Solidarity is making great efforts in the process of continuous clean-up for beneficiaries of support, excluding families and categories that are able to work or others undeserved. He also commended the efforts of the Administrative Authority and its continued support in updating and updating databases, or with other ministries interested in in-kind support, pointing out that the state would use any corrupt practice in the support file, regardless of who it is done, whether it be officials, workers or citizens.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to devote efforts at the upcoming stage to achieve a rapprochement between development and social protection in order to promote the lives of people with low incomes and transfer them from consumers to public services to their producers, indicating that this will be achieved only through coordination between the private sector, civil society, financial institutions and associations Investors, industrial upgrading center, chambers of commerce, banks and other partner organizations, all of which are The burden of economic growth.

“We cannot talk about social protection from the 2014 constitution, which recognized the right to social protection as a constitutional right. We also need to consider the vision of Egypt in 2030, which has five components: economic, social, environmental, cultural, and political. The starting point for the future of Egypt.

The Prime Minister noted that at the beginning of the “Social Solidarity” program in the “Fars” education and employment program it is important to integrate current economic reforms in relation to employment and employment policies, pricing, subsidies, wages, social protection of workers, available production options quality of investment, tax systems, etc. To avoid any negative imbalances that can be painful for the “poor”, in order to create social protection systems with a strong effect on development.

During this year, the government took a number of measures that are in line with the social protection system, in particular, establishing a minimum pension, implementing the Health Insurance Act, completing waiting lists for hospitals, expanding reproductive health services, Beneficiary Lists of Card Cards, caring for baby milk, control of food prices, availability of various soft lending programs, completion of the development of unsafe squatter zones, expansion of rural health services, expansion of residential search units Youth for social and low income.

The Prime Minister stressed that social protection is the cornerstone of the government reform program, which focuses on directing part of the budget savings to reform measures for social remittance expenditures, in particular in the area of ​​food support and social transfers to beneficiaries and the preservation of funds. nutrition for low-income people, health insurance and infrastructure investments, with particular emphasis on the development approach to social Noah protection aimed at helping the poor out of poverty for the crisis of production, dedicating a culture of work and criminalizing the culture of excessive and irresponsible consumption of tasks.

In turn, the Prime Minister thanked all those who contributed to the success of social protection programs in Egypt, from the sincere national and humanitarian doctrine, from government officials, from the civilian sector and from international partners, all of us, responsibility partners.

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